Help me get to the bot­tom of our sex!


Midweek Sport - - THURSDAY FEBRUARY 14 -

LY­ING in my silk panties and bra I find my­self think­ing steamy thoughts about my hubby’s pal.

I know it’s wrong but he’s such a hunk – and I can tell he’s pack­ing quite a lunch­box.

The more I think of him the hot­ter I get and soon I’m aroused and my panties are down by my thighs.

When my hubby comes in I’m ready for him, but think­ing only of his pal.

Should I keep it to my­self or do some­thing about it?

SD, Glam­or­gan

Syren says…

Dear Syren,

When I shag her up her lovely, de­li­cious pussy, ev­ery inch of my cock is mas­saged by her love-hole mus­cles.

So why would I want to shag her up the wrong ’ un when her right ’un is just plain right?

Well, I think I have the an­swer. I think it’s our dirty thoughts about bum sex that gets us lads go­ing.

It’s about a woman be­ing naughty enough to let us put our rods of steel some­where they’re not meant to go.

In re­al­ity, it seems to me that bum sex is rub­bish and not what it’s cracked up to be. Which is why I never wanted to try it a sec­ond time, just that one night.

Any­way, now my mis­sus has said I can try it again for our wed­ding an­niver­sary.

Bless her, but I haven’t got any in­ter­est in stick­ing my mem­ber up there – even if it is a spe­cial treat. Frankly, I’d much rather try bondage or a bit of S&M in­stead. What should I tell her?

JN, Sus­sex

GT, Hants

Syren says…

WAS your first shag any good? Lots of peo­ple are dis­ap­pointed by the first time . . . but they carry on shag­ging and dis­cover it can be amaz­ing.

Yet you’re will­ing to write off bum sex af­ter try­ing it just once. Back when you first got mar­ried you were both naive in bed. This time round might be mag­i­cal.

As for bondage and S&M, why not sug­gest them to her – she might be up for try­ing them. I JUST can­not stop sleep­ing with guys from the pub where I work.

My boyfriend of­ten works away for weeks at a time and I’m a horny girl of 23.

My boyfriend and I have amaz­ing sex when he is home but he knows I’m a cock-mad bitch.

Within a very short time of him go­ing away I’m climb­ing the walls for man-meat.

One of the fel­las, who I’ve fan­cied for a while, said he’d al­ways wanted to f*** me and he’s ace.

He knows how to give me the shag­ging I want and leaves me sat­is­fied – for a while.

He in­tro­duced me to two of his mates and they each take it in turn to ride me. I know it won’t be long be­fore I ei­ther get caught. What should I do? I love get­ting so much cock. I KNOW lots of peo­ple rave about sex up the WRONG ’UN but I can’t see what the fuss is about.

My mis­sus let me stick my cock up her tight back hole on our wed­ding night – in fact, it was the prom­ise of do­ing the dirty deed that was the main rea­son I agreed to marry her.

But think­ing back on that spe­cial night I have to say that it was a dis­ap­point­ment.

Although her ring is tight, the rest of her arse is like a cav­ern so I could hardly get any pres­sure on my knob.


Dear Syren,

MY mis­sus is a right kinky sort and I used to love it when she sucked my toes and licked my balls and did all sorts of filthy things like that.

I even went along with it when she asked me to pen­e­trate her with fruit and veg.

She’d have come back from the su­per­mar­ket with cu­cum­bers, bananas and aubergines which she’d keep in the fridge then bring up to the bed­room.

We’d get warmed up with a spot of oral and that, and maybe a quick shag, than out would come the veg and I’d slip it ev­ery­where it would go while she squealed with plea­sure.

But a cou­ple of nights ago, she asked me to plea­sure her with a gi­ant Ger­man sausage.

I drew the line at this and she said I’d have to make my own tea in fu­ture. Which of us is be­ing the most un­rea­son­able?

CF, Strath­clyde

Syren says…

THINK­ING does no harm.

on gang-bang – only with WHY not tr y and or gan­ise a full- your fella in­cluded. SIT down with her and work out what you both want on the sex menu.

y, very naughty boy, TELL her that you’ve been a ver twice – she’ll never be­lieve you!

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