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I’M back on Babesta­tion on Thurs­day night and really look­ing for­ward to it.

Over the past few months I’ve been hav­ing a real think about my work and what I want to do next.

I am se­ri­ously con­sid­er­ing tak­ing a big ca­reer step and giv­ing up tele­vi­sion – which is a big deal for me.

I have really en­joyed do­ing it but I think maybe the time has come to take a break and con­cen­trate on other things.

When I left Red­light Cen­tral I had a long break be­fore I started at Babesta­tion and I loved hav­ing more time to my­self. I had more time to sit at home wank­ing – which was bril­liant!

So I’m con­sid­er­ing all my op­tions – and I might stop do­ing telly al­to­gether.

I’ve been busy work­ing on my web­site www. lin­sey­dawn­m­cken­zie. co.uk and want to make it big­ger and bet­ter.

I have been plan­ning lots of changes and there will be a whole sec­tion ded­i­cated to dom­i­na­tion.

There is an amaz­ing sex dun­geon in Chelsea, west Lon­don where I will be film­ing some new ma­te­rial.


It is my mis­sion to be­come one of the top dom­i­na­trixes in the coun­try!

I also want to help other girls make their web­sites bet­ter as well.

My good friend Brooke Lit­tle has asked me to help her with hers be­cause I know how to do it.

I am good at that kind of stuff and think I could make a good lit­tle busi­ness out of it.

And I want to make a book of all my pic­tures from over the years so I have a lot of things in the pipe­line and I just don’t know if I want to keep do­ing the telly stuff.

So although it might be the end of an era, it is a very ex­cit­ing time for me.

What­ever I de­cide I will let you lot know but you should all come and see me on Babesta­tion to­mor­row night be­cause it might be one of my last ever shows!

Make sure you tune in Sky chan­nel 904 from 10pm and on Free­view chan­nel 177 from 1am to 6am. SO Katie Price has an­nounced she is preg­nant.

Just as I pre­dicted when they got mar­ried!

I think I should call my­self Mys­tic Lin­sey and start charg­ing for my pre­dic­tions.

As soon as I heard she and that fella had tied the knot I just knew it was only a mat­ter of time be­fore she made the an­nounce­ment.

I must ad­mit, I think she’s f***ing crazy.

Hav­ing a baby is bloody hard work and it puts a strain on any re­la­tion­ship.

How on earth can she even think about hav­ing a baby with some­one she’s known for five min­utes?

They’ve only been to­gether a cou­ple of months. It’s em­bar­rass­ing.

How can they pos­si­bly know each other well enough to start a fam­ily?

I know she says she’s happy – but I think she’s mad. I NOW have more than 47,000 Twit­ter fol­low­ers!

I am really pleased and think it’s a real achieve­ment.

When I found out some peo­ple pay for fol­low­ers to make them­selves look pop­u­lar I couldn’t be­lieve it.

That is so sad! Why on earth would any­one want to do that?

My fol­low­ers are 100 per cent gen­uine and I’m really proud of it.

Now I want to try to get up to 50,000 – that would be amaz­ing!

I will keep post­ing naughty pic­tures on there as a treat so make sure you don’t miss out and join me MY Adult­work is go­ing from strength to strength and I have had loads of funny calls this week.

On Mon­day night a fella asked me if I wanted to see him stick a golf ball up his arse!

Of course I said yes, so he told me to hang on for a minute and off he went.

When he came back he turned round and he had a golf ball up his bum!

He asked me if I was im­pressed and I told him I wasn’t really – and that I wanted to see him shove some­thing big­ger up there.

It was very funny – I love it when things like that hap­pen.

So fel­las if you’ve got any spe­cial tricks make sure you join me www.adult­work.com/ lin­sey­dawnof­fi­cial.


giv­ing Brooke a web­site like mine (in­set)

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