Jumped-up judges from a far­away land are ready to let nut­ters loose on Bri­tain

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YES­TER­DAY “Europe” – a bunch of civil ser­vants in a far­away land that you can’t sack – took over Bri­tain’s le­gal sys­tem.

The iron­i­cally named Euro­pean Court of Hu­man Rights de­cided OUR courts and OUR le­gal sys­tem can be over­ruled.

They’ve de­cided three con­victed mur­der­ers cur­rently serv­ing life sen­tences should be given the chance to taste free air again.

Jeremy Bam­ber (pic­tured) mur­dered FIVE of his own fam­ily and was rightly banged up for the rest of his life in 1985. He pleads in­no­cence but re­view af­ter re­view proved his guilt.

Peter Moore got his rocks off slay­ing gay men. He killed four in north Wales in 1995 and was caged for life.

And Dou­glas Vin­ter butchered his wife, Anne White, three years af­ter serv­ing nine years in prison for mur­der­ing a col­league.

All three are se­ri­ously bad wrong ’uns and so­ci­ety does not need them on the streets. Fact.

When we go to the bal­lot box, one of the de­cid­ing fac­tors for many is the party they feel will help to keep us safe. That’s why all the main par­ties like to claim they’re “the party of law and or­der”.

Ex­cept, when 17 crusty old judges in Stras­bourg – one from each EU mem­ber state – can over­rule cen­turies of Bri­tish law at a stroke, quite clearly NONE of our ma­jor par­ties re­ally is a party of law and or­der.

Be­tween them, Bam­ber, Moore and Vin­ter are re­spon­si­ble for 11 deaths.

Yet the ECHR’s loftily-named “grand cham­ber” agree keep­ing them in jail is “in­hu­man and de­grad­ing”. Now they’ve opened the door to the pos­si­bil­ity that the trio will be al­lowed out once more.

What is the f***ing POINT in us hav­ing a par­lia­ment?

Why do we bother with our ex­pen­sive leg­is­la­ture in Lon­don when it can be usurped by an equally ex­pen­sive leg­is­la­ture abroad? This is the whole ide­ol­ogy – to make national gov­ern­ments ap­pear weak and the EU strong.

The most wor­ry­ing thing of all is it ap­pears to be work­ing.

And un­til we have the balls to get the f*** out of it, it will only get worse.

Mean­while, com­ing soon to a street near you, three killers given li­cence to roam by peo­ple you’ve never even heard of.

Mad­ness. OLYMPICS gym­nast Louis Smith is quit­ting – not be­cause he’s burned out, in­jured, or too old.Oh no. He said: “I don’t have an urge to be in the gym train­ing hard for hours and hours ev­ery day. I’d be miss­ing a unique op­por­tu­nity to es­tab­lish my­self as a brand.” So we can look for­ward to Brand Louis.

God help me…

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