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SO you want to feel like Bradley Wig­gins but you don’t want to grow crappy ginger side-burns. In steps the Smart Ebike. This bit of kit will see you whizzing around the roads like a de­mon be­fore you even know it.

And that’s be­cause this thing is half pedal bike and half elec­tric, a true twowheeled hy­brid. The good peo­ple at Smart even let me have a lit­tle go! So af­ter low­er­ing the seat and putting on the sta­bilis­ers, I was off.

And crikey, was I off like a rocket! This thing ac­cel­er­ates faster than a big blue bird be­ing chased by a coy­ote!

You get your legs pump­ing even a tiny bit and you can in­stantly feel that 200 watt BionX mo­tor back­ing you up and thrust­ing you for­ward.

The only way you could pick up speed eas­ier is if you were Pete Do­herty!

Pull up next to some hoon at a set of lights and with a bit of oomph you’ll be able to beat him off the mark. That be­ing said, within about FIVE SEC­ONDS he will over­take you. Its bat­tery lasts quite a while and can take you (de­pend­ing on how bloody men­tal you go) up to about 62 miles be­fore it gives up.

But even if you do run out of juice it works as just a nor­mal bike any­way, so who cares?

Let’s not beat around the bush here, this thing is re-mort­gage your house ex­pen­sive. You won’t be able to pick up one of th­ese on the cheap.

At a hefty two-and-a-half grand you ex­pect some­thing sub­stan­tial – and this is sub­stan­tial. It weighs even more than your mum (only jok­ing, I’m sure your mum is lovely).

Se­ri­ously though, it is stupidly heavy, you won’t be car­ry­ing it up flights of stairs any time soon. One For All Aerial – £40 I KNOW that aeri­als aren’t the most ex­cit­ing gadget in the world, but with 4G be­ing rolled out across the coun­try peo­ple are start­ing to worry about what it’s go­ing to do to their TV sig­nal.

Those with Free­view are con­cerned that those pesky waves will stop them watch­ing their favourite shows.

There’s noth­ing worse than try­ing to watch Neigh­bours when you can’t make out the deep worry lines etched into Paul Robin­son’s face.

But with the One For All, you’ll never have to worry about Kevin Ba­con ru­in­ing your night in.

The built-in 4G fil­ter makes sure that you keep good im­age qual­ity no mat­ter what, and it even sup­ports HD or 3D if you’re a re­ally snazzy bug­ger!

So next time you’re set­tling in to see who’s be­ing mur­dered on Ram­sey Street, make sure you can re­ally make out the beau­ti­ful faces of those hot Aus­tralian women.

The One For All re­mote of­fers a good so­lu­tion at an af­ford­able price.­

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