Naked bar­maid got cocky in pub toi­lets


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Dear Leanne,

A PAL of mine has re­cently started see­ing a bar­maid at our lo­cal.

She’s not re­ally my type – big boobs, bleached blonde hair and so on.

But he gets on with her re­ally well and I’ve never seen him hap­pier.

He reck­ons she’s a right nympho and he’s al­ways go­ing into great de­tail about how he shags her in the back room of the boozer af­ter clos­ing time.

I’m still sin­gle and, to be hon­est, I don’t have much luck with the ladies.

But one night my pal told me that he was go­ing to give the bar­maid a good see­ing-to over the pool ta­ble once ev­ery­one had left the pub.

He said that if I fan­cied watch­ing, I should go the gents’ toi­lets just be­fore clos­ing time and hide in one of the cu­bi­cles un­til he came and knocked on the door.

I did as he said and af­ter about 20 min­utes there was a tap on the shit­house door.

But when I opened it the bar­maid was stand­ing there naked and my mate was sit­ting on the sink with a big grin on his face.

She just said: “Do you fancy a f*** or what?”

I was so gobsmacked that I couldn’t an­swer her.

So she un­did my belt and jeans and tugged them down, along with my un­der­pants.

Then she dropped to her knees and took my limp man­hood into her mouth.

But it soon went stiff as she started to suck on it and gen­tly squeeze my balls.

Then my mate got down from the sink, dropped his pants and stood next to me as this bird started swap­ping from my knob to his.

TR, Cambs


Af­ter a cou­ple of min­utes of suck­ing she stood up, took a cock in each hand and started to wank us off as we rubbed her mas­sive tits.

I couldn’t be­lieve it when I looked at my mate and he had a huge grin on his face!

I quite quickly shot my load all over the toi­let walls and my mate soon fol­lowed suit.

Then he got the bar­maid to bend over the sink and he shagged her doggy-style.

When it was all over I left them to it – but this bird has since fin­ished with my mate and has of­fered to shag me.

I’m tempted, but don’t want to up­set my friend.

What should I do?

ST, Devon

Leanne says…

I’M a 21-year-old fella and re­cently I’ve been work­ing at a gym where I’ve be­come friendly with the cleaner.

She’s 40, mar­ried with three kids, but she still has a great body and boasts a lovely pair of boobs.

A few weeks back she was clean­ing the re­cep­tion desk and I caught a glance of her G-string rid­ing up out of her jeans.

She caught sight of me gaz­ing at her back­side and turned, a lit­tle red-faced, and asked: “See any­thing you fancy?”

I laughed, but she led me out of sight be­hind re­cep­tion and things got se­ri­ous.

She pulled out my cock and sucked me off un­til I ex­ploded all over her face.

I then bent her over a chair and boned her tight fanny. This has been go­ing on for a while, but she’s mar­ried and I’m feel­ing guilty. What do you think?

CJ, Es­sex

Phew… That’s bet­ter, I’ve cooled down a bit, now… Say, I’ve got an idea…

See­ing as the neigh­bours aren’t

get­ting up to any­thing naughty, why don’t we?

Purrrrrrrr… Well, she is get­ting

on a bit…

Thanks for invit­ing me

to join your neigh­bour­hood watch group, Fanny, you’ve re­ally made me feel wel­come to the street since I moved here

from Bas­ingstoke

Ha ha ha ha ha… Don’t men­tion it, Chet. I was hop­ing for a bet­ter turn out to be hon­est… I was also

hop­ing it would be a bit STEAMIER! Just old Dereck mow­ing his lawn and Mavis from No.45 walk­ing her dog…

(sigh) not very ex­cit­ing!

Oh? I’m not sure I fol­low, Fanny. What ex­actly have you got in mind?

Have you seen the state of Mavis’s


HEH! HEH! SPY­ING on the neigh­bours is great fun! And you can pick up some pretty nifty sur veil­lance equip­ment on the net. Night vi­sion gog­gles – all the shit you need!

GET him on a course of Vi­a­gra ASK your mate if it’s okay. If it is, then en­joy your­self.

can. SHE of­fered it, so get it while you



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