I got it on with pal’s bro af­ter six years of lust­ing af­ter him


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Dear Anna,

I’M 19 and I have fan­cied my pal’s brother for ages.

He’s five years older than me, so when I was a starry-eyed 13-year-old he was a babe mag­net of 18.

Any­way, I’d put thoughts of him to the back of my mind – un­til re­cently.

I’d ar­ranged to go out on the razz with my pal. But when I ar­rived at her house, her brother told me that she’d gone away with her par­ents for a few days and must have for­got­ten about our date.

When he saw the look of to­tal dis­ap­point­ment on my face, he asked if I’d like to go out with him for a few drinks and I ac­cepted.

We cruised a few bars and ended up at a club where we danced close enough for me to feel his sturdy man­hood swelling against my tummy.

Later in the cab I put my hand en­cour­ag­ingly on his thigh. I leaned close and told him that I’d al­ways fan­cied him and was pleased when he said that he’d felt the same about me.

Once in the house we went into the lounge and ca­su­ally flicked on the telly to find a soft porn movie play­ing.


When he asked me if I’d like to watch it I blurted out: “Why watch it when we could be do­ing it?”

This brazen ap­proach did the trick and he pulled me close and kissed me pas­sion­ately.

I slid my hand down to his zip and re­leased his huge, thick cock which was al­ready throb­bing.

I pushed him on the couch, pulled

TG, Herts the rest of his clothes off and set to work tak­ing his length to the back of my throat.

As he was about to come I re­leased him and slid down on top of his ram­pant dick, rid­ing him un­til he cli­maxed nois­ily.

But if he was sat­is­fied, I was still wait­ing – and I used his fin­gers to mas­sage my hard lit­tle clit un­til I screamed in ec­stasy.

The prob­lem is that I’m wor­ried about my pal’s reaction when she finds out.

What shall I do?

TC, Lancs IT will hardly be a shock af­ter all th­ese years you’ve spent lust­ing over him, so get stuck in. He sounds a dream. THE wife caught me in bed the other day shag­ging the neigh­bour.

I couldn’t be­lieve it when in­stead of go­ing mad, she stripped and got into bed with us.

They licked each other out be­fore they both sucked me off.

I then screwed my neigh­bour while my wife licked my balls.

My mis­sus then told me to take her up the arse while she licked the other bird out.

The prob­lem is that my wife has sug­gested that we have a four­some with our neigh­bour and her fella.

I feel that I’ve been set up and that is why she didn’t go mad at me be­cause she wants to shag this other bloke.

What should I do?

PG, South Yorks

I’ve taught opera tech­niques

to a num­ber of as­pir­ing singers. What made you want to take up lessons, Beth?

That’s su­per. Right. First things first. Let’s see if you’ve got a good set of lungs on

you… Well, I haven’t

had any com­plaints about them be­fore… Ha ha ha ha ha

I… see… Hm­m­m­m­m­mmm I might need to get a

look… Go for you life,

luv! Well, I’ve got a lot of time needs

since I left my hus­band and I heard you were

(gig­gle) I DON’T know about your falsetto, but he seemed to be more than im­pressed with your FULL SET-O! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… eeh

WHY not? Ask for £100. YOUR wife has got you wher

e she wants you. Y ou have no choice buit to agree.


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