Horny Milfs give me a HARD time!


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Dear Cali,

WHAT they say about older women is true – they ARE bet­ter in bed.

And, not to put too fine a point on it, they’re usu­ally pretty ea­ger for it.

I’m 24 but I’ve al­ways gone for older women and un­til re­cently was in a re­la­tion­ship with a 52-year-old di­vorced mum who was a sex beast.

Since we split up I’ve got the horn for older, tarty-look­ing sorts.

Last week in a club I was eye­ing up a cou­ple of women in their early 40s. Not only were they tasty­look­ing, they both had huge tits.

I got them up danc­ing and when the club was clos­ing I took them back to my place. It wasn’t long be­fore we were all naked in my gi­ant bed.

I was get­ting it on with one of them and thought the other ly­ing by her side wasn’t in­ter­ested.

But I was wrong, be­cause af­ter a while I felt her hand cup my balls as I scorched into her pal from be­hind.


From there she man­aged to get them in her mouth and af­ter that I biffed her up against a mir­ror.

Then the two of them put on a lesbo show. Once they’d gone be­yond neck­ing and fondling each other’s mas­sive tits, they had their fin­gers work­ing fu­ri­ously in one an­other’s love-hole.

That got me go­ing again and I f***ed each of them in turn as they licked out their mate. Be­fore we passed out I re­mem­ber one of them crouch­ing over the other’s face while I wanked over them.

In the morn­ing they made me a siz­zling full English brekkie and treated me like a king.

I can’t imag­ine that hap­pen­ing with a lass my own age.

I see them both reg­u­larly and it’s al­ways top shag­ging. They say they want to share me and are ask­ing me not to see other women.

I’m not sure about the whole setup. What do you think?

GH, Nor­folk

I WAS in a bar last week when th­ese two birds walked in.

One was blonde and the other a brunette. They were OK-look­ing, but what re­ally caught my eye were their mas­sive tits.

They seemed to be en­joy­ing the at­ten­tion and af­ter the bar closed they agreed to come back to my place.

I wasted lit­tle time and was soon suck­ing on both their tits. They both gave me a blowjob and let me come on their boobs.

I then licked them both out and they both had re­ally moist fan­nies.

It wasn’t long be­fore I was ready to go again and I shagged them both dog­gystyle.

I’ve seen them a cou­ple of times since, but now they want to move in with me and I’m dead against it.

What should I do?

KM, Lincs

You’ve had enough warn­ings Miss Jones, I’m afraid I have no other op­tion than to ter­mi­nate your

con­tract! I was hop­ing you were go­ing to give me a


Heh heh… Miss Jones, have you fin­ished those re­ports yet? I needed them an hour ago! Miss Jones?

Can’t do ‘em? I’m busy on Face­book. Hey, my friend Jeanie’s hav­ing a cap­puc­cino!


A RAISE?! Didn’t you hear what I just said? And don’t think you can win me over do­ing what you’re cur­rently do­ing, ei­ther. It’ll take a lot more than that to win me over! How about do­ing a

bit of work?

I’ve been think­ing Miss Jones… Your salary re­view is long over­due. It’s high time your out­stand­ing con­tri­bu­tions to the daily run­ning of this of­fice were rewarded – EEEEEHHH!

WHAT?! Miss Jones your con­duct in the work­place is un­ac­cept­able! Miss Jones?! Am I go­ing to have to come

in there?

worth, don’t you? I think you’ve had your money’s

JUST tell them.

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