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mak­ing mis­takes, but tak­ing on Tommy King was plainly that.

Tommy King – a key en­forcer in the Mullen Gang, an en­emy to Whitey in the South Bos­ton gang war.

Af­ter Whitey had out­ma­noeu­vred them all at the Chan­dler ’s sum­mit, they were sup­posed to be one – Whitey , Tommy King, and ev­ery­one else blended into the Win­ter Hill Gang.

But how could Whitey con­sol­i­date his power in Southie with holdovers like Tommy King lurk­ing?

Plus there was this: T ommy King was the shooter who had killed Whitey’ s friend Billy O’Sul­li­van on Whitey’ s front lawn four years ear­lier.

Whitey never for­got any of it. But it had taken him time to con­vince Howie Win­ter and the oth­ers that T ommy King had be­come haz­ardous.

Tommy King, Whitey told them, had talked vul­garly to a young girl in the neigh­bour­hood. Her fa­ther took ex­cep­tion and went to see Whitey for coun­sel. So Tommy King went af­ter the fa­ther for whin­ing to Whitey.

The episode, Whitey ar­gued, made him, Whitey, look bad.

Then Whitey pushed a story that Tommy King had gone off and threat­ened to mur­der a Bos­ton po­lice de­tec­tive. How reck­less was that?

Imag­ine the law en­force­ment tsunami that would come the gang’s way if King killed a cop.

That was the clincher. Tommy King was out of con­trol, the oth­ers fi­nally con­curred.

The plan Whitey had de­vised had plenty of mov­ing parts, but when King slid into the front seat next to him ev­ery­thing was in place.


Whitey had told King they needed his help killing an un­der­world as­so­ciate who had too big a mouth.

It worked. Tommy King climbed in next to Whitey in the front seat of the car, think­ing he was join­ing the oth­ers for an act of gang mop-up.

Whitey could see that King had come ready for work; he was wear­ing a bul­let­proof vest.

Whitey then could see Ste­vie Flemmi get out of his car and walk to­ward him car­ry­ing a pack­age.

Whitey took the pack­age and re­moved four hand­guns – one for him­self, one for Howie Win­ter,

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