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THE av­er­age woman owns 21 pairs of shoes – in­clud­ing four pairs she never wears and five pairs she has only worn once – ac­cord­ing a study of 2,000 fe­males.


IF you’ve been hit by the ugly stick, don’t even THINK about at­tend­ing the UK’s new­est ELITE sex par­ties.

Be­cause the jammy man who founded the en­ter­prise says all women need to be a strict “per­fect 10” to get in the door.

London Lothario Chris Reynolds Gor­don is the brains be­hind Heaven SX – high-class OR­GIES where you’ve got to be gor­geous AND con­nected to join-in.

Chris says his X-rated bashes are fre­quented by “some very, very VIP peo­ple in the act­ing and mu­sic in­dus­try”.

And with 100 ap­pli­ca­tions-a-day from prospec­tive pun­ters Chris says he’s OVER­WHELMED by his ven­ture’s pop­u­lar­ity.

The 29-year-old, a for­mer city banker and ju­nior na­tional 800m ath­let­ics champ, re­vealed: “It starts off like go­ing to any nor­mal bar or club.

“You have peo­ple dressed up look­ing nice, chat­ting, laugh­ing, get­ting to know each other.

“Then, a lit­tle bit later on – at about 12 or 1 o’clock, when the mood’s right – the girls will go and get changed into lin­gerie.

“It’s a bit of an awk­ward mo­ment, with all the guys chat­ting and sit­ting with each other, then all th­ese girls come in look­ing su­per-hot and the at­mos­phere changes and peo­ple start dis­ap­pear­ing.”

Brit Chris says his shindigs are a cut above the usual “so­ci­ety” swing­ing ses­sions, say­ing he RE­FUSES to al­low older women to take part.

And if you fancy giv­ing it a whirl your­self, pre­pare for a lengthy process.

First you must email pics of your­self to Chris. If you’re a munter, it’s straight into the bin with your ap­pli­ca­tion.

If you cut the mus­tard you’ll then be in­vited to at­tend a “se­lec­tion party”, where “scouts” scour the room to spot po­ten­tial full mem­bers.

It’s then that you’ll be able to at­tend the “An­gel Par­ties”, which are crawl­ing with women who make su­per­mod­els look like to­tal dogs!

Speak­ing about ri­val sex par­ties, like Killing Kit­tens, Chris ex­plained: “I went to quite a lot of par­ties in the past, and ev­ery­one was call­ing them ‘elite’.

“But then you’d see, like, 50 or 60-year-old peo­ple who weren’t that at­trac­tive.

“Not that there aren’t at­trac­tive peo­ple in their fifties and six­ties, but they weren’t peo­ple you’d stereo­typ­i­cally think of as at­trac­tive.

“Ba­si­cally, the hottest peo­ple we wanted to play with just got to­gether – ev­ery­one who was a 10 on the hot chart. The av­er­age age is also quite young. There’s noth­ing else like it.

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