GUYS HAPPY TO GO HUN­GRY! New poll shows that men would swap food for nookie!

Cailt­lyn Klass says…


be­cause they were too busy pro­tect­ing their grub!

They con­cluded that blokes with big­ger ap­petites are more likely to be un­lucky with the ladies.

The study – pub­lished this month in sci­en­tific jour­nal Cur­rent Bi­ol­ogy – wasn’t able to find out if women be­haved in the same way be­cause C.el­e­gans are sin­gle-sex or­gan­isms.

How­ever we’ve found three frisky fe­males who have PLENTY to say on the sub­ject.

Busty Beth James says she loves a good STUFF­ING be­cause she’s al­ways choos­ing sex over food!

She purred: “Food or sex? That’s easy. Ab­so­lutely noth­ing can get in the way of me and my man.

“If you’re re­ally peck­ish, why not bring food into the bed­room. It could ‘spice’ things up a bit!” MEN choose girls over grub? I can’t say I’m sur­prised. I had a re­cent dirty week­end with my fella and we ba­si­cally locked our­selves in a bed­room and had non-stop sex.

It was amaz­ing. In fact, we were both so into it that we for­got to eat!

At the end of the first evening, I asked him, ‘Er, did we have any lunch to­day?’

I guess you can get a bit too car­ried away – not that I’m com­plain­ing!

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