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2. CELEBRITY Big Brother con­tes­tant Lau­ren Goodger sparked a storm after post­ing a photo of her­self smoking a mar­i­juana joint. Which singer did she claim she was ‘im­per­son­at­ing’? a) Ri­hanna b) Shakira c) Bey­once d) Mi­ley Cyrus 1. WHICH US re­al­ity show was can­celled amid claims a cast mem­ber was dat­ing a con­victed child mo­lester? a) Duck Dy­nasty b) Here Comes Honey Boo Boo c) Real House­wives of At­lanta d) Pawn Stars 3. X FAC­TOR re­ject Chloe Jas­mine was ac­cused of cheat­ing on her boyfriend with which con­tes­tant? a) Jake Quick­enden b) An­drea Faus­tini c) Paul Ak­ister d) Stevi Ritchie 4. WHICH leg­endary rock bassist died last week? a) Geddy Lee b) Jack Bruce c) Lemmy d) John Paul Jones 5. WHICH boy band stirred up an an­i­mal rights con­tro­versy by re­leas­ing a mu­sic video fea­tur­ing a chimp with a metal chain around the neck? a) One Di­rec­tion b) The Wanted c) 5 Seconds of Sum­mer d) Stereo Kicks 6. LOONY co­me­dian Rus­sell Brand says he’s “open-minded” about the US gov­ern­ment be­ing re­spon­si­ble for which dis­as­ter? a) The Holo­caust b) 9/11 c) The Ebola virus d) Hur­ri­cane Ka­t­rina 7. AMER­I­CAN tour pro­mot­ers re­vealed that Susan Boyle de­mands which “lux­ury item” back­stage at her shows? a) Choco­late diges­tives b) The Bi­ble c) Barry’s Tea 8. WHICH dis­graced celebrity is said to be singing in his prison choir? a) Rolf Har­ris b) Max Clif­ford c) Chris Den­ning d) Gary Glitter 9. WHO was booted off

on Satur­day night? a) Si­mon Webbe b) Pixie Lott c) Judy Mur­ray d) Thom Evans 10. WHICH tele­vi­sion sci­en­tist claimed last week there was “no in­tel­li­gent alien life in the galaxy”? a) Brian Cox b) Richard Dawkins c) Stephen Hawk­ing d) Lawrence Krauss 11. WHICH clas­sic BBC sit­com is cur­rently be­ing adapted into a fea­ture film, to be re­leased next year? a) ’Allo ’Allo! b) Are You Be­ing Served c) Dad’s Army d) It Ain’t Half Hot Mum 12. WHICH Hol­ly­wood ac­tress com­mis­sioned a well-known street artist to paint a sexy nude por­trait of her? a) Cameron Diaz b) Lind­say Lo­han c) Megan Fox d) Olivia Wilde

Jenk­ins. Jamie 8. McGregor. Kelly 7. Espensen. Ma­lene 6. Thomp­son. Jenny 5. B. Sarah 4. Cane. Sasha 3. Laird. Jenny 2. Ry­der. Katie 1. NIP: THAT NAME B. 12. C 11. A 10. D 9. A 8. C 7. B 6. A 5. B 4. D 3. A 2. B 1. AN­SWERS:

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