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MY mate Alicia Dou­vall was voted off Celebrity Big Brother on Fri­day night and I felt for her.

It re­ally meant a lot that she was ac­cepted by the pub­lic and I was gut­ted that she was kicked out so early.

The whole show is wind­ing me up big time now – just what I’VE been in a mon­ster Twit­ter row with re­al­ity stars Ni­cola McLean and Maria Fowler this week over that NHS boob job girl Josie Cun­ning­ham.

Chan­nel 4 aired a doc­u­men­tary all about Josie called The Most Hated Woman in Bri­tain? which fol­lowed her life af­ter the surgery. ex­actly is Katie Price doing in there? She hasn’t said or done any­thing!

Ap­par­ently she was paid £500,000 for her ap­pear­ance but there is no way she has been worth the money.

They would have got more en­ter­tain­ment out of a card­board bloody cut-out!

The poor girl has been slated for some of the things she has told the pa­pers – like say­ing she would have an abortion so she could go on Celebrity Big Brother, then sell­ing tick­ets for the birth of her baby.

I can see why peo­ple don’t like her, but I also feel a bit sorry for her. She’s naïve.

The pro­gramme re­ally showed her softer side. I could tell from watch­ing she’s is a good mum and re­ally loves her kids. UN­FAIR: Ni­cola and Maria ( have slated


I used to find her sexy but not any more. I hate to say it, but I think Katie is past her sell-by date. At least Alicia had a per­son­al­ity – Katie is scared to open her mouth!

But she’s not the only one piss­ing me off. That rent-a-gob Katie Hop­kins ( right) is a child­ish bully and I hate the way she is

So, I said so on Twit­ter and it all kicked off.

First Ni­cola piped up and start­ing hav­ing a go at me, and then Maria joined in!

Ni­cola said it was dis­gust­ing that Josie smoked while she was preg­nant. At the end of the day smok­ing while preg­nant is not great, but it was her choice.

Who are they to tell her how to live her life? It’s none of their treat­ing Perez Hil­ton. She wants to get Perez kicked out, but he’s one of the best things about the show. Some­one needs to smack her on her big nose!

I re­ally hate Cami Li as well. She is noth­ing but trash and is re­ally ag­gres­sive. She’s lucky I’m not in there… I’d soon sort her out! bloody busi­ness. There are peo­ple who take drugs while they are preg­nant.

No-one knows what that girl has been through and I don’t think peo­ple should judge her with­out know­ing all the facts.

I watched the pro­gramme and made up my own mind. Per­son­ally, I don’t think she’s all bad. I think she is ac­tu­ally quite clever and is doing all this for her fam­ily.

I know she doesn’t help her­self with all the sto­ries she sells, but at the end of the day she is just mak­ing money for her kids.

Don’t get me wrong, Josie isn’t per­fect and she has done some stupid things, but I be­lieve ev­ery­one should have the chance to turn their lives around.

Other celebri­ties have be­haved badly but they have man­aged to flip pub­lic opin­ion.

With the right peo­ple be­hind her Josie could do re­ally well. EV­ERY­ONE has been talk­ing about the terrible weather – which is set to get even colder be­fore it gets any warmer – and it has made me crave some sun.

I have booked flights out to Spain to my villa on the Costa Del Sol and I can’t wait to get out there.

I am go­ing to give my whole house a big spring clean ready for the sum­mer and I am look­ing for­ward to get­ting cracking.

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