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I AM a 20-year-old lad and I have started an af­fair with the 42-yearold wife of my boss.

We got talk­ing at a works bash and she con­fessed that her mar­riage was go­ing through a rocky patch.

She seemed to cheer up when I asked her for a dance and I felt my willy tin­gle when I held her close.

Two days later she phoned say­ing her hubby was away on busi­ness and would I like to call round to her house.

When I ar­rived she was wear­ing a tight low-cut top and a slit skirt and looked highly shag­gable.

She opened a bot­tle of bubbly, and within five min­utes we were snog­ging fran­ti­cally on the sofa.

I ran my hand up her thigh and was soon mas­sag­ing her moist fanny.

The fore­play drove her MY bird is a real corker. In fact, ev­ery­one says she looks very much like the gor­geous ac­tress Kelly Brook.

The trou­ble is it can be a bit of a night­mare at times go­ing out with her be­cause blokes are al­ways try­ing to pull her.

Last week, for in­stance, I was at a party when I walked in on my boss giv­ing her one from be­hind.

She was hol­ler­ing out in ob­vi­ous ec­stasy as he was pump­ing her re­ally hard and squeez­ing her tits at the same time.

Now I can’t get the im­age of him shagging her out of my head and the up­shot is that I’m think­ing of dump­ing her.

Do you think I should?

YES, she ob­vi­ously can­not be trusted.

PG, Cardiff EMAIL: agony@sun­ OR MAIL TO: Agony, Sun­day Sport,Ma­cLaren House, Tal­bot Road, Old Traf­ford, Manchester M32 0FP A COU­PLE of weeks ago I was out on the town and pulled a very fit 35-year-old brunette.

She looked ter­rific in a tight red dress that showed her mag­nif­i­cent cleav­age, and af­ter some sexy chat she in­vited me to her city-cen­tre flat.

She told me she was a wealthy wi­dow. I no­ticed pho­tos of a tough-look­ing bas­tard around the pad, but for­got about him when she sucked me off!

I met her a cou­ple of times af­ter that, and the last time she told me to take her up the wrong ’un.

We had a top shag and I was plan­ning to see her again when I met a dodgy char­ac­ter in a night­club.

He warned me that my new squeeze wasn’t a wi­dow, but the wife of a lo­cal gang­ster, an 18-stone brute due out of jail in a few days.

His nick­name is “Blow­torch”, be­cause that’s what he uses on peo­ple. Now I’m shit­ting my­self and I’m plan­ning to leave the coun­try.

Should I tell my fam­ily?

YES, Get pack­ing! crazy and she tore off my clothes, peeled off her dress and got on all-fours on the fake rug.

She pre­sented her back­side to me and or­dered me to give her a vig­or­ous doggy-style roger­ing.

I was only too happy to nail her and brought her to or­gasm twice in rapid suc­ces­sion be­fore I with­drew.

But she still wasn’t sat­is­fied and sucked my cock un­til it was hard again be­fore telling me to plunge in­side her again.

Af­ter 30 min­utes of pump­ing I was knack­ered, but she seemed like she could go on for­ever.

When I left she promised

DG, Cambs me an­other ses­sion soon. But I am not sure I can stand the pace, and I am wor­ried that I’ll get sacked if my boss finds out. What should I do?

CH, South Yorks YOU are sat­ing on thin ice. Only go back for se­conds if you have an­other job lined up! AT the end of a very boozy night at my lo­cal, me and a cou­ple of my mates tried it on with two fit bar­maids.

They told us that they’d give us a blowjob for a fiver and a shag for a ten­ner.

Both then stripped off and I got my knob out and watched as one sucked me off while the other was taken from be­hind while giv­ing a blowjob and a hand-job.

I was just about to come when the bird blow­ing me got off her knees and bent over the pool ta­ble and I sent my love-juice into her.

I then went over to her mate and for my ten­ner I had her in both holes.

The girls each made 60 quid and I in­vited them round to my place a few days later.

In my room I set my video recorder up and filmed them hav­ing a lesbo romp.

Then they both sucked me off, be­fore I came all over their mas­sive tits. I then had sex with both of them.

I paid them £20 each and they said in fu­ture they’ll only charge £10 each for a three­some.

I think it’s a bar­gain. What do you think?

SS, South Lon­don IT sounds like a good deal to me.

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