The re­al­ity is, they don’t look happy, do they?

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SO re­al­ity TV star Mark Wright has fi­nally mar­ried Michelle Kee­gan.

And ap­par­ently Mark “broke down in tears” when Michelle ar­rived at the church – about half-an-hour later than planned.

Maybe he was just re­lieved she turned up at all!

God, he’s so bloody soft it makes me SICK!

He cried on Strictly Come Danc­ing, and now he blubs at his own wed­ding. Man the f**k up, Mark! But that wasn’t the only big story of the day...

Ap­par­ently, se­cu­rity was on “high alert” in case Mark’s ex-girl­friend Lau­ren Goodger gate­crashed the wed­ding.

I don’t think Lau­ren would ac­tu­ally have done that but she DID dis­rupt things on so­cial me­dia last week­end.

She posted a pic­ture sug­gest­ing that Mark would RE­GRET mar­ry­ing Michelle in­stead of her.

Lau­ren ap­par­ently thinks she’s still ‘the one’ but says they just met when they were too young.

Well, a lot of peo­ple are ac­cus­ing her of be­ing bit­ter… and to be hon­est, she does sound it.

But I think she has a point. I don’t reckon Mark and Michelle will go the dis­tance – sorry, guys!

They don’t strike me as a happy cou­ple when I see them out with each other and that is a bad sign in my opin­ion.

Maybe I’m wrong, but per­haps Lau­ren is right! Watch this space…I pre­dict a stormy time ahead. MY Twit­ter feed was ex­plod­ing last week with this year’s Euro­vi­sion Song Con­test. I didn’t watch it – I never bother. I al­ways think ‘what’s the bloody point?’ Even with boobs like Ger­many’s Ann So­phie (above) on show, it’s SO des­per­ate.

I just don’t get it… why is there a song com­pe­ti­tion for Europe? I’d se­ri­ously like to know.

It’s sup­posed to be the BEST singers and songs from each coun­try, but they’re al­ways crap.

It might be rel­e­vant if peo­ple ac­tu­ally bought the win­ning song. But they don’t. I can’t even name a win­ning song from the last 10 years.

The whole things re­minds me of a sleazy night­club tal­ent show.

It’s about time they just dumped it. It’s a waste of f**king air­time. RA­DIO 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw would be a dis­as­ter as a judge on

The 30-year-old ( is ru­moured to be Louis Walsh’s re­place­ment this year.

Per­son­ally, I hope he doesn’t get the job – I can’t stand the guy.

But here’s the im­por­tant rea­son he shouldn’t be on the ITV re­al­ity show – what does he know about singing?

He’s a DJ – he pushes but­tons for a bloody living and sits be­hind a mi­cro­phone all morn­ing. My ver­dict? He’s un­qual­i­fied. There are LOTS of other great can­di­dates to re­place Louis. My dream panel would be Mark Ron­son, Adele, Ch­eryl Fer­nan­dez-Versini and Simon Cow­ell.

I’m a huge fan of Adele’s – I think she’s got a fan­tas­tic voice so would jus­tify sit­ting on the panel.

And Mark Ron­son is a great pro­ducer and song­writer. He’s Bri­tish, well-con­nected and knows how to write a pop song. Sorry, Grimmy, you’re just not in his league. IT’S been an aw­ful week. My dar­ling son Luca was in­volved in a se­ri­ous car ac­ci­dent in Sur­rey last week when he was be­ing picked up from school.

Thank­fully, he is do­ing bet­ter now. But he’s very, very lucky.

He es­caped with mi­nor in­juries, whiplash and a cut on his leg. Sadly, the driver was se­ri­ously hurt and Luca’s chap­er­one suf­fered bro­ken ribs and a bro­ken arm.

Doc­tors told me the seat­belt saved Luca’s life. Please re­mem­ber, it’s so im­por­tant to wear your seat­belt, even if you’re sit­ting in the back seat.

It’s been a few days now and my son is still scared to get into a car.

That sort of fear stays with you for a long time. Friends who have been in se­ri­ous car ac­ci­dents tell me that.

The po­lice said they were “amazed” that he walked away with only cuts and bruises.

And af­ter I saw the wrecked car, I couldn’t help think­ing that some­thing was pro­tect­ing Luca.

We re­ally are blessed.

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