Sexy new cleaner’s suck a prick teaser!

Midweek Sport - - AGONY -

licked and sucked me so well I soon shot my load all over her lips and breasts.

I know I shouldn’t com­plain but I’m itch­ing to shag her but she seems re­luc­tant to do it. What’s go­ing on?

WP, North Yorks

Mor­gan says…

EMAIL: agony@sun­ OR MAIL TO: Agony, Sun­day Sport,MacLaren House, Tal­bot Road, Old Traf­ford, Manch­ester M32 0FP

BE pa­tient, she’s just be­ing a tease. been dulled a bit by her want­ing to experiment with putting all sorts of food on my prick.

She keeps ask­ing me to dip my mem­ber in stuff – the stick­ier it is, the bet­ter she likes it.

So I’ve had to plunge my hel­met into yo­ghurt, honey, cake mix, jam, all sorts of stuff from the fridge or cup­board.

Her favourite is peanut but­ter, which she rubs on my erect tool with her fin­gers. She loves to slowly lick it all off be­fore do­ing it again, with my juices mixed in.

Trou­ble is she’s is piling on the pounds with all the ex­tra calo­ries she’s swal­low­ing. What should I do here?

MJ, Herts

Mor­gan says…

I KNOW it’ll go against the grain but you could sug­gest she doesn’t swal­low what she puts in her mouth! MY mate’s mum is a re­ally great-look­ing blonde in her early 40s.

I’ve fan­cied her for ages and a cou­ple of weeks ago I started bang­ing her.

It was my 19th birth­day and she had in­vited me to her place while my mate and his dad were at work to give me a “present”.

I’d been chat­ting to her the night be­fore and she was flirt­ing with me and ended up suck­ing my cock in my car af­ter I gave her a lift home.

She told me then that she couldn’t in­vite me in for ob­vi­ous rea­sons she had a treat for my birth­day.

Bloody hell, did she! Af­ter she an­swered the door in just stock­ings and sus­penders I was hard within sec­onds.

We went to bed and she gave me a re­ally thor­ough sex­ual ed­u­ca­tion.

The only prob­lem is that this is I’m wor­ried that my mate will find out, not to men­tion his dad. What do you think?

MA, Manch­ester

Mor­gan says…

ONE way or another you’re go­ing to get hurt! DON’T think too of­fered badly of me but

me a £200 a my boss to have week pay rise

sex with him if I agreed took him twice a week

up on the of­fer. – and I I’ve just turned fig­ure 21 and know I have

so I knew he’d been a sexy since I started lust­ing

at the af­ter me But de­spite firm.

the fact that he’s his 50s the sex isn’t well into The too bad,

thing is, he’s got knob, a bit a re­ally good-

above av­er­age sized plenty of fanny- length but with

fill­ing girth. I’m get­ting to look and I’m for­ward to our ses­sions

usu­ally ready with when I go his my knick­ers

of­fice for our off And I of­ten suck reg­u­lar trysts. be­ing him off, de­spite

part of our “agree­ment”, this not love his cock, quite be­cause I The frankly.

trou­ble is that I’m next year and due to get mar­ried

feel a bit guilty my fella. That said, cheat­ing on pay for the ex­tra cash will the wed­ding. What help should I do?

JT, Es­sex

Mor­gan says…


wed­ding plans.

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