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A FOR­MER air force worker has claimed she was AB­DUCTED by reptile aliens who raped her on The Moon.

Niara Terela Is­ley, who worked as a radar track­ing of­fi­cer, said she was snatched by a “hu­manoid with a tail” and taken to a se­cret base on the far side of The Moon.

While there, she said she was made to have SEX with ALIENS.

Ms Is­ley told how she worked at the Tonopah Test Range, in Ne­vada, USA, but said she could re­call very lit­tle de­tail about her time there.

She claimed se­cu­rity guards raped her in front of an au­di­ence af­ter she was jabbed in the neck with a mys­tery drug while in an un­der­ground lair, where she was sex­u­ally as­saulted.

In taped in­ter­views, she claimed she was taken into space eight to 10 times over sev­eral months when she was 25.

She said the aliens put her to work, hav­ing her op­er­ate elec­tronic ma­chin­ery to ex­ca­vate the dark­est parts of The Moon.

De­scrib­ing how she was used RAPE CLAIM: Niara Is­ley for sex al­most ev­ery night she was on The Moon, she said she was regularly passed be­tween the rep­til­ians.

In ad­di­tion, she said “grey aliens” were present, help­ing with the work, as well as hu­man “per­son­nel” who were also forced to help the rep­til­ians do their bid­ding on The Moon.

Af­ter the ab­duc­tions, she said she couldn’t re­mem­ber much of what had hap­pened, in­clud­ing as­pects of her work, lead­ing her to think her mem­ory had been wiped.

The in­ci­dents stopped in 1980, she said.

She sought hyp­no­sis in an at­tempt to fill the holes in her mem­ory and it helped her un­cover more de­tails about the abuse she ex­pe­ri­enced on The Moon.

De­scrib­ing her ab­duc­tor, she said: “He was hu­manoid and did have a tail.”

She said he had yel­low eyes with ver­ti­cal slit pupils.

On the “dark side” of The Moon, she said: “There was a lot of sex­ual abuse.”

She said there was ex­ca­va­tion work to ex­pand the “mil­i­tary base” and she had to carry out man­ual labour, in­clud­ing “mov­ing boxes”.

Ms Is­ley, a mum-of-one who now lives in Colorado, said: “At night I wasn’t al­lowed to sleep and was passed around for more sex.

“I was scared. I knew I had to get back to my daugh­ter so I was pretty com­pli­ant. I just didn’t want to do any­thing that would get me killed.”

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