Horny blonde got dirty with loo two


Midweek Sport - - AGONY -

ME and my mate picked up this girl in a club the other night.

She was a stunna with long legs, big boobs and a gor­geous gob­bler’s gob – and she was shag­ging me and my pal in the gents’ just half-an-hour af­ter she met us.

As soon as I walked in the club I spot­ted this blonde get­ting up to some se­ri­ously dirty danc­ing with a red-headed girl pal.

As they ca­ressed each other, oc­ca­sion­ally kiss­ing and feel­ing each other’s ar­ses, I winked at my mate. We were over to them like a shot and they didn’t seem too FOR sev­eral years I have been work­ing as a gar­dener for a wealthy fam­ily who live in a large man­sion.

The owner has a for­mi­da­ble wife, who we call “the duchess” be­hind her back.

She slips into her study ev­ery morn­ing and draws the cur­tains. I was puz­zled by this un­til one morn­ing I peered through a chink in the drapes and got the shock of my life.

The duchess was ly­ing stark naked across a big oak desk with her Swedish au pair stand­ing over her grasp­ing a large cour­gette, which she slid in­side her pussy.

She plea­sured her for a full 10 min­utes be­fore her la­dy­ship let out a loud moan of sat­is­fac­tion. The duchess then abruptly dis­missed the blonde.

Now I am won­der­ing whether to of­fer the au pair my ser­vices.

And I wouldn’t need a cour­gette, be­cause I have a ready-made nine-incher.

Krystal says…

EMAIL: agony@sun­daysport.co.uk OR MAIL TO: Agony, Sun­day Sport,MacLaren House, Tal­bot Road, Old Traf­ford, Manch­ester M32 0FP both­ered as we started danc­ing with them.

I could hardly be­lieve my ears when the blonde leaned over and asked if I fan­cied a f**k.

I dragged her to the gents’ and as soon as I’d shut the cu­bi­cle door be­hind us she was tongu­ing me and rub­bing my dick.

She was ob­vi­ously well up for some hanky-panky and ea­gerly un­did my flies, jerk­ing off my mighty eight-incher.

She plonked her­self down on the toi­let seat lid and be­gan lick­ing and suck­ing my shaft from the tip to my aching balls.

I was on the verge of com­ing in her throat when my mate called out that the ginger babe had blown him out.

The blonde stopped giv­ing me head to in­vite him to join us. My pal was grin­ning all over his silly

MT, Berks BE care­ful. You’ll be in the soup if the duchess finds out. chops when she be­gan giv­ing him a slow, lin­ger­ing gob­ble.

It was a tight squeeze in the cu­bi­cle but I man­aged to po­si­tion her so that I could get a good thrust at her arse and hoisted her skirt up around her waist.

As she slurped on my mate’s cock I pulled her G-string aside and plunged into her doggy-style.

It wasn’t long be­fore me and my pal were shoot­ing our loads. Then we swapped po­si­tions and went through the rou­tine again.

Back at the bar, the blonde came over and asked us to buy her a drink.

But she swore at us when we said no and we can’t un­der­stand her at­ti­tude. Can you?

FC, Mersey­side

Krystal says…

YES, you tight-fisted, chau­vin­is­tic pricks!

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