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A PO­LICE­MAN had sex with a pros­ti­tute while on duty, a court heard.

David Gib­son, who was an act­ing sergeant at the time, al­legedly got the woman to per­form a sex act on him in an un­marked cop car.

Pros­e­cu­tor Maria Mas­selis, told the court that Gib­son, 44, had been on night duty based at Ea­ton Road, Liverpool, on Novem­ber 6, 2014 and in the early hours went out in an un­marked po­lice car, a sil­ver Ford Fo­cus.

She said: “He did not tell the con­trol room where he was go­ing or make any record of where he went or any­one he spoke to.”

Ex­am­i­na­tion of CCTV footage showed him driv­ing around in the Sheil Road area of Tue­brook, an area known to be pop­u­lated by sex work­ers, she said.

Shortly be­fore 5am the woman, an al­co­holic suf­fer­ing from drug with­drawal symp­toms, who had no­ticed the car driv­ing up and down saw it pull into a side street. She as­sumed he was “a punter” but when she got in she saw he was wear­ing his po­lice uni­form and he iden­ti­fied him­self as a po­lice of­fi­cer.

When later in­ter­viewed by po­lice she told how “he said he had watched her walk­ing up and down the road. He gave her three op­tions – ar­rest, pay a fine or he could be ‘ a nice man’ and let her go,” claimed Miss Mas­selis at Liverpool Crown Court.

When she told him to ar­rest her he re­fused and when she told him to give her a fine he said she would be un­able to pay it.

“She asked him to be ‘ a nice man’ and let her go and she promised to stay away from the streets. He did not al­low her to leave but asked what she could or would do for him be­fore she went.”

“She re­alised that he wanted her to per­form a sex­ual act upon him. She asked if he wanted her to per­form oral sex on him and he ac­knowl­edged he did. He drove to a more se­cluded lo­ca­tion to en­able that sex­ual act to take place,” al­leged Miss Mas­selis.

“At his re­quest she un­zipped his trousers and he re­moved his pe­nis. He put his hand in­side her top and felt her breasts. She de­scribed him as a bit rough, forc­ing her head up and down on his pe­nis.

“He ejac­u­lated in her mouth which she though ‘a bit naughty’.

“She demon­strated, us­ing her right hand, how she spat some of his se­men out and wiped it on the pas­sen­ger seat. She de­scribed her­self as feel­ing sick and dis­gusted by what had hap­pened. He dropped her back at the same lo­ca­tion where he had picked her up leav­ing her shocked and up­set.”

Miss Mas­selis said when the woman, who is now 30, got home she told her boyfriend and two other peo­ple. Two days later a char­ity worker deal­ing with street work­ers over­heard her telling an­other pros­ti­tute about the in­ci­dent and this led to an­other vol­un­teer worker speak­ing to her and even­tu­ally she went to the po­lice with de­tails of the car.

When the po­lice car was foren­si­cally ex­am­ined a se­men stain was found on the pas­sen­ger seat and when ques­tioned Gib­son said she had ap­proached the ve­hi­cle “of­fer­ing to do busi­ness.”

He claimed she had given DE­NIAL: David Gib­son him in­tel­li­gence about lo­cal drug deal­ing al­though there was no note of him record­ing the ad­dresses he said she had given.

He de­nied hav­ing sex with the woman and said that half an hour to an hour be­fore he had mas­tur­bated to ejac­u­la­tion into a tis­sue in the ve­hi­cle which he threw out the win­dow.

But foren­sic ex­am­i­na­tion later showed that the se­men stain con­tained his DNA and also the woman’s saliva.

Gib­son, of Rain­hill, Mersey­side de­nies one charge of mis­con­duct in pub­lic of­fice.

The case con­tin­ues.

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