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You don’t need con­sent to be a mis­er­able sod! THIS WEEK?

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THE worst days are the ones where you wake up know­ing you’ve done some­thing ter­ri­ble.

Those feel­ings are of­ten ac­com­pa­nied by two things – the pul­sat­ing hang­over of im­mi­nent doom and an icy stare from the mis­sus that’s so cold you can feel your nuts shriv­el­ling up into your ac­tual arse.

But at least some­where in the haze of fud­dled mem­ory there was a point to it all. You might, pos­si­bly, have even been hav­ing fun be­fore it all went hor­ri­bly wrong.

Not so for the sort of peo­ple who were ap­par­ently born just plain mis­er­able, how­ever.

Take North Wales res­i­dent Ni­cola Mitchell, of Prestatyn, for in­stance. A hith­erto, pre­sum­ably rel­a­tively nor­mal mem­ber of the pub­lic who has hit the head­lines this week for all the wrong rea­sons.

For Ni­cola has taken her­self off for an elon­gated stay in the Vil­lage of High Dud­geon over the very dis­turb­ing news that she, er, scan­dalously keeps a horse in an open field right next to a pub­lic foot­path.

Now the nag, called Betty, has de­vel­oped a habit of dis­play­ing her teeth and grin­ning like a madwoman when peo­ple pay it at­ten­tion.

So when young dad David Bel­lis was pass­ing the field with his three-year-old son Ja­cob, he de­cided Betty might make part of a nice selfie.

The re­sult­ing pic was so funny that un­like most self­ies, David and his part­ner Rhian Jones ac­tu­ally de­cided to hang on to it.

Then Thom­son Hol­i­days an­nounced they were hold­ing a win-a-hol­i­day com­pe­ti­tion – and all you had to en­ter the “Made Me Smile” event was to send in a photo that did just that.

Lo and be­hold, they won – scoop­ing a £2,000 fam­ily hol­i­day into the bar­gain. A hol­i­day that the young fam­ily have never been able to af­ford be­fore.

Great, right? Well, not if you’re Ni­cola Mitchell, owner of the grin­ning horse.

She said: “I was re­ally an­noyed to hear he had won a £2,000 hol­i­day and had used a pic­ture of our horse with­out our per­mis­sion. He should have asked for our con­sent.

“I did not give him per­mis­sion to use our horse in a com­pe­ti­tion. If I had known about it we would have en­tered it our­selves and could have won as Betty is al­ways stick­ing out her tongue.”

When I first read this story my eyes popped out on car­toon stalks.

Did she RE­ALLY think “con­sent” was needed to take a pic­ture of a horse in a frig­ging field?

It’s hardly like ask­ing your neigh­bour’s 19-year-old daugh­ter to pose for artis­tic nude shots, is it?

Ni­cola – who’s re­ceived back­ing from some equally de­luded friends and fam­ily mem­bers – has now even re­port­edly moved Betty else­where to pre­vent oth­ers from cash­ing in on her pet an­i­mal’s toothy grin.

Mean­while, Ni­cola her­self is pre­sum­ably look­ing for­ward to a new ca­reer as a traf­fic war­den or Child Sup­port Agency call cen­tre worker.

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