Walk turned into w**k

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THE me­chanic at my lo­cal garage is a dark, mus­cu­lar hunk.

I couldn’t help but no­tice him the other af­ter­noon as he was bent un­der a bon­net fix­ing a car en­gine.

He had his shirt off and it got me think­ing. I’m no me­chan­i­cal ge­nius, but I thought that if I pulled a few wires out un­der the bon­net of my car I’d stop the mo­tor.

It worked and I rang for help, claim­ing the car had been sab­o­taged. He rolled up and trail­ered it away.

When I went in to the garage the next day, he handed me a bill for a £100.

The good news is that I asked him to take me out for a test drive and we had a great shag in a lay-by.

Then the bomb­shell. I was think­ing this could be the start of some­thing spe­cial, but he said he had a girl­friend.

I feel a right berk.

Mor­gan says…

ID, Dorset IT’S a costly mis­take. But don’t com­plain, at least you had a great shag. I EX­ER­CISE dogs for peo­ple who have loads of dosh but whose work gives them pre­cious lit­tle time to care for their mutts.

Last week I was on the com­mon, where I take the pets for their daily walk, when some­thing re­ally un­usual hap­pened.

I had just crested a hill when I came across a bloke wank­ing off. I was shocked, but at the same time strangely ex­cited.

He stopped and was about to stick his dick away when a sud­den urge took hold of me.

I teth­ered the dogs, went over to him, took his cock in my hand and fin­ished him off.

When it was over I sud­denly felt very em­bar­rassed, so I col­lected up the dogs and walked off.

But I’d like to han­dle his very im­pres­sive hard-on again. Sug­ges­tions please.

Mor­gan says…

YOU’RE sure to come across him again.

LF, Lon­don

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