SEX FO­RUM Fat’s the way to get her juices flow­ing!

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TWO-THIRDS of randy women lose in­ter­est in sex af­ter the first six months – but not if their fella has a BEER BELLY.

A study into sex­ual sat­is­fac­tion dis­cov­ered that only 27 per cent of ladies were still happy with their bed­room nookie fol­low­ing the “hon­ey­moon pe­riod”.

But there’s hope for all us lager swill­ing lads – be­cause a new re­port sug­gests that women pre­fer blokes with flabby stom­achs.

The Jour­nal of Sex Re­search found that the fad for fit guys with slim waist­lines and mus­cles is over, and over half of women now fancy men with a slight paunch.

Act­ing out crazy sex­ual fan­tasies, ex­per­i­ment­ing with dif­fer­ent sex po­si­tions, read­ing erotic books and watch­ing porn goes a long way to keep­ing the lust alive too.

Study leader David Fred­er­ick, Ph.D, said: “Al­most half of sat­is­fied and dis­sat­is­fied cou­ples read sex­ual self-help books and mag­a­zine ar­ti­cles.

“But what set sex­u­ally sat­is­fied cou­ples apart was that they ac­tu­ally tried some of the ideas.”

The study also found that 50 per cent of cou­ples who gave and re­ceived more oral sex, ex­pe­ri­enced reg­u­lar or­gasms and had sex more were in hap­pier re­la­tion­ships.

For the re­search, boffins asked 38,747 mar­ried or co­hab­it­ing cou­ples who had been with their part­ner for at least three years about their sex lives.

And the news gets even bet­ter for us reg­u­lar guys, be­cause the re­port also shows that women are less likely to cheat on men with small cocks.

Naughty Nikki McManus, 22, from Mablethorpe, Lincs, said: “I love the be­gin­ning of a re­la­tion­ship when you can’t keep your hands off each other, but then blokes seem to be­come lazy.

“I need a guy to show he’s in­ter­ested and pas­sion­ate – and if he’s will­ing to stick his head be­tween my legs, then that’s even bet­ter.

“As far as sch­long size goes, how big a fella’s willy is doesn’t mat­ter – it’s what he does with it that counts.”

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