‘ He bends me over the bed, rips off my knick­ers and takes ’ me from be­hind…

Midweek Sport - - SELFIES -

LUSTY Lola Jones says her wildest sex fan­tasy is to be­come a high class CALL GIRL!

The 32EE stunna re­vealed she gets turned on by the idea of a stranger pay­ing her for sex­ual ser­vices.

When she’s in a re­la­tion­ship, the 22-year-old glam­our model, from Bas­ingstoke, Hamps, dresses up as a hooker for a spot of naughty role play.

She told the Mid­week Sport: “I’ve had a fan­tasy about be­ing a pros­ti­tute for ages...it’s such a turn on!

“I have a re­ally high li­bido... hav­ing sex for work would mean I’d get it all day long!

“I think the ap­peal of it all is be­ing de­sired by men. And be­ing used and seen purely as a sex­ual ob­ject.

“There’s no has­sle or com­plex emo­tions in­volved – it’s sim­ply about one thing and one thing only.

“It’s also about the el­e­ment of sur­prise – not know­ing who you’d be bonk­ing next and what you’ll get up to!

“I love get­ting dressed up in my hooker gear. I’ve got some kinky knee thigh boots, the short­est, slut­ti­est miniskirts and very re­veal­ing tops...and of course sus­penders and stock­ings.

“A wig al­ways adds to the look, too!

“It’s just so taboo – it’s not what ‘good girls’ go out and do!

“When I have a boyfriend, I’ve of­ten played out the hooker fan­tasy with him.

“We’ll text each other, with him pre­tend­ing he’s a punter and ask­ing how much for sex.

“Then I meet him in the bar of a ho­tel or hang out on a street cor­ner in my out­fit and he will come and ‘pick me up’.

“I al­ways make him hand over the money first, then we go back to a cheap ho­tel and he tells me what he wants, or he just bends me over the bed, rips off my knick­ers and takes me from be­hind.

“And af­ter he was done I’d leave him there to get dressed – no kiss good­bye, I just walk out of the room.

“It’s great for for­get­ting your ev­ery­day life and let­ting all your in­hi­bi­tions go.

“As well as be­ing a street pros­ti­tute, I also fan­ta­sise about be­ing a high class call girl.

“I imag­ine there’s lots of perks too...get­ting spoilt with de­signer clothes and jew­ellery and get­ting flown to ex­otic places by rich busi­ness­men.

“I loved watch­ing Bil­lie Piper in Se­cret Di­ary of a Call Girl and I’m fas­ci­nated by Belle de Jour. In some ways, it’s em­pow­er­ing.

“But there’s clearly a down­side and it’s risky. Just to make clear, I’d never ac­tu­ally be­come a sex worker – there’s a dif­fer­ence be­tween fan­tasy and re­al­ity!

“I just hope I never get picked up by the po­lice when I’m hang­ing around on street cor­ners wait­ing for a boyfriend!”

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