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I WAS cheer­ing my­self up af­ter dump­ing my boyfriend by buy­ing my­self a bunch of flow­ers.

And I couldn’t help but no­tice what a hunk the guy in the florist shop was.

I had a feel­ing he would have a stalk worth look­ing at and that it would re­ally bloom if I could get my hands on it.

As it hap­pened he took quite a fancy to me, too, so I ar­ranged to see him that very evening round at my flat.

He turned up with a huge bunch of flow­ers in his hand.

I had been right, for af­ter a bit of chat, we got down to busi­ness.

And when I un­dressed him, well, what a stalk he turned out to have.

It cer­tainly bloomed un­der my fin­gers – with a nice red head, thick stem and lovely balls.

I didn’t put it in wa­ter of course, I dipped it in juice. It went deep into my pussy with no trou­ble at all.

I was drip­ping with ex­cite­ment be­cause he had al­ready been down there with his tongue – mak­ing me so wet I could have kept all the flow­ers in his shop in bloom, at least that’s what it felt like.

Then I climbed on top – I pre­fer it that way be­cause as I slide up and down my boobs jig­gle and bounce and I love that feel­ing.

He was us­ing his hands on my breasts, of course, and pulling at my stiff, erect nip­ples as I rode on that huge stalk faster and faster. I HAVE al­ways had trou­ble with the ladies.

I see a girl I think is gor­geous and yet I’ve never been able to mas­ter the art of chat­ting them up.

But I thought I had cracked it the other night.

This girl I met while out on a ben­der seemed to be taken by my shy ap­proach and she was a real looker – a brunette with big boobs and a round, firm arse.

We got on re­ally well and she sug­gested we go some­where more pri­vate – to get to know each other.

So we ended up in bed back at my flat and we kissed and licked our way around into the 69 po­si­tion where I licked her out as she sucked my cock to the verge of cli­max.

Then I flipped her over and we shagged for ages be­fore fin­ish­ing off with a bout of anal sex.

But when I woke up with her in the morn­ing I re­alised she was as ugly as sin.

How can I avoid this in the fu­ture? DON’T drink so much be­fore you go on the pull. EMAIL: agony@sun­ OR MAIL TO: Agony, Sun­day Sport,Ma­cLaren House, Tal­bot Road, Old Traf­ford, Manchester M32 0FP

He seemed to grow even big­ger as he con­tin­ued to do won­der­ful things to my boobs and bum.

What­ever sort of flower this man was, it wasn’t the shrink­ing vi­o­let kind, that’s for sure.

Then he shot his load of pas­sion seeds right up in­side me and I thought I was go­ing to ex­plode with de­light.

He flooded me with his stuff and when his hard-on be­gan to sub­side I climbed off and licked and lapped at his wet and sticky stalk.

But af­ter that I couldn’t get him hard again no mat­ter how I tried. Where did I go wrong?

GE, Kent LIKE his flow­ers, he closes up and goes to sleep at night. Next time get him in the morn­ing – while he’s still fresh. MY hus­band likes to watch me hav­ing sex with other men.

It all started a cou­ple of years ago when we were on hol­i­day in Ibiza.

We had en­joyed a few drinks in a club and I got up and danced se­duc­tively – at first to try and turn my man on.

But I was soon the cen­tre of at­ten­tion with lots of the lo­cal fel­las, one of whom re­ally caught my eye.

He was talk, dark and hand­some and a great lit­tle mover.

So with my hus­band’s con­sent I in­vited this lad back to our ho­tel room.

I re­ally fan­cied him and we started kiss­ing as soon as we got through the door.

My hus­band didn’t ob­ject and I sucked off this other man be­fore he had me.

I en­joy all the sex, but do you think it’s a bit weird that my hus­band lets me go with other men? NO. He en­joys it and so do you. LS, Es­sex MY mis­sus and I live in a small house and be­cause ter­race we haven’t much in­side we have made space par­adise, the gar­den our at least in the sum­mer. We are not over­looked by any of the neigh­bours – and it’s a good job be­cause when we have done all the weed­ing pot­ting out we like and set about to get our kit off f**king. and The wife does a slow strip, peel­ing her jeans and wellies off and then her panties. Then she tugs off my over­alls (I wear noth­ing un­der­neath). I lay her over one of the raised beds tongue her quim and my un­til she’s plead­ing dib­ber – and I don’t for Hav­ing dis­ap­point. sex in the gar­den is amaz­ing – there’s just some­thing very erotic and to­tally lib­er­at­ing about do­ing it in great out­doors. the And now we are won­der­ing whether in­vite mem­bers to bar­be­cue-cum-or­gyof our gar­den­ing club to a at ours. Should we go for it? DC, Lancs ONLY if you’re sure the ladies like be­ing green-fin­gered.

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