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ALIENS were re­spon­si­ble for bring­ing down the ill-fated Egyp­tAir flight, which crashed over the Mediter­ranean last week, ac­cord­ing to two pilots.

Is­lamic ter­ror­ists have been blamed for bring­ing down the jet and killing all 66 peo­ple on board.

But two Turk­ish pilots say they saw a UFO fly­ing near the crash site, just off the Turk­ish coast, min­utes be­fore the doomed plane got there.

And they reckon it was the alien craft that ei­ther crashed into the Air­bus A320 or de­lib­er­ately brought it down.

The pilots said they saw an ob­ject with green lights pass by their pas­sen­ger jet as they ap­proached Is­tan­bul’s Ataturk Air­port from Bo­drum at around 11.30pm on Thurs­day.

Ac­cord­ing to the Hur­riyet Daily News, they warned air traf­fic con­trollers: “An uniden­ti­fied ob­ject with green lights passed 2,000ft to 3,000ft above us.

“Then it dis­ap­peared all of a sud­den. We are guess­ing that it was a UFO.”

The Egyp­tAir plane crashed about an hour later.

Turkey’s Gen­eral Direc­torate of State Air­ports Author­ity could not find any trace of the alien space­ship. An in­sider said: “It is very bizarre. This in­for­ma­tion from the Turk­ish pilots was recorded be­fore any crash hap­pened.

“There must be some­thing in it.”

Mys­tery still sur­rounds the tragic flight with many fac­tors be­ing ruled in – and out.

Ini­tially it was thought the plane had been blown out of the sky by a bomb or mis­sile.

Then ex­perts said there may have been an on­board fire which the pi­lot may have been try­ing to put out by go­ing into a steep de­scent that went trag­i­cally wrong.


Ex­perts now say that may not have hap­pened, with Egyp­tAir deny­ing re­ports that the pi­lot had re­ported a fire to air traf­fic con­trollers.

A spokesman said: “Claims made by a French TV sta­tion are not true.

“The pi­lot did not con­tact Egypt air con­trol be­fore the in­ci­dent.”

The full pic­ture will not be un­der­stood un­til the air­craft’s black box data record­ing unit is re­cov­ered from the ocean.

Egyp­tian pres­i­dent Ab­del-Fat­tah el-Sisi broke his si­lence on the crash yes­ter­day, say­ing a sub­ma­rine would be used to find the jet’s black box data and voice recorders, which emit a lo­ca­tor sig­nal for only a month be­fore bat­ter­ies run out.

He said: “All sce­nar­ios are pos­si­ble.”

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