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THERE’S a real hunk of a fella who works in the same fac­tory as me, and I tell you he is pack­ing a cock the size of a fire ex­tin­guisher in his over­alls.

I’m an 18-year-old trainee, with blonde hair and big, firm tits and I re­ally want to in­ves­ti­gate the con­tents of this fella’s un­der­pants. I’ve been dream­ing about what it must be like to strad­dle a huge, stiff dick like his.

He’s al­ways flirt­ing with me and once even brushed his mas­sive bulge against me as he walked past.

I al­most came on the spot and had to rush to the ladies to frig my­self off!

I would give any­thing to get that whop­per in­side my tight, fully-shaven pussy – but he’s dat­ing the boss’s daugh­ter and I reckon I’d get the sack!

What should I do? KJ, Sh­effield GO for it, get him in the sack – but it’ll prob­a­bly get YOU the sack! I’M a 36 year-old bi­sex­ual woman and although I’m mar­ried to a man, I’m bonk­ing his sis­ter.

We’ve been mar­ried al­most nine years and the sex has al­ways been amaz­ing. His cock is huge and gives me orgasms al­most every time.

How­ever, his sis­ter has re­cently moved back home from Aus­tralia and she is un­be­liev­ably hot. She came round one night to get to know me prop­erly and we soon got to know every inch of each other as we fell into bed.

The plea­sure she gives me when her fin­gers are plung­ing in and out of my fanny or when she’s rub­bing or using her tongue on my clit are truly fan­tas­tic.

Do I carry on see­ing them both or do I re­ally have to choose be­tween two plea­sures?

MW, Mersey­side YOU need to pick a side and stick with one, ei­ther your hus­band or his sis­ter.

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