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I’VE been mar­ried for 10 years and re­cently be­gan to sus­pect that my hubby was hav­ing an af­fair with my younger sis­ter.

Since her fella left her three months ago, my man has been spend­ing loads of time at her home on some pre­text or an­other, usu­ally that there was some odd job that needed do­ing.

Two weeks ago I had a phone call from my mum say­ing she couldn’t get through to my sis­ter be­cause her line was al­ways en­gaged and her mo­bile switched off. My hus­band was out and I couldn’t reach him, ei­ther.

It was about 10pm when I popped round to my sis­ter’s house. I had a spare key so I crept in and up to the bed­room. That door was ajar and I saw her and my hubby screw­ing fu­ri­ously. She groaned as he pumped into her as I stood shocked. There was a huge row and I’ve kicked him out. Was I too hasty? RW, Hud­der­s­field HE should be grate­ful that you’ve only kicked him out. ME and my girl­friend have had great sex ever since we met three years ago, but re­cently my sol­dier has found it hard to stand to at­ten­tion.

We’ve tried loads of dif­fer­ent po­si­tions, and she’s even let me take her up her tight arse, but I just can’t stay stiff.

I didn’t want to see a doc­tor about it, so as a last re­sort we re­cently de­cided to try to spice things up by go­ing wild, so to speak.

We went into the coun­try and found a quiet spot near some aban­doned farm build­ings. But even the sight of my girl’s tiny pink thong as she climbed over a fence didn’t rouse my old fella.

But then I saw a stal­lion in the next field and the sight of his long hard cock had me stiff in sec­onds. I grabbed my will­ing girl, lifted up her tiny skirt and we had hard, rough sex.

We had the best sex ever that night but we keep hav­ing to go back to the farm so that I can get a “top up” by hav­ing a look at the ram­pant stal­lion. It’s be­com­ing a bind. RP, South Wales WELL, if it’s keep­ing your pecker up I’d keep look­ing the stiff horse in the goolies.

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