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I COULDN’T be­lieve the new re­search which came out this week sug­gest­ing that vap­ing could be just as BAD for you as smok­ing ac­tual cig­a­rettes!

I have smoked ever since I was 15 and I fi­nally man­aged to kick the habit for a whole 12 months last year.

I re­placed smok­ing with us­ing an e-cig­a­rette, just to re­place the feel­ing that I needed to have some­thing be­fore go­ing to bed at night. But then my sis­ter came over at Christ­mas and got me back into the habit.

But af­ter read­ing this re­search I think I am go­ing to be more de­ter­mined to give up smok­ing for good!

I will try to start cut­ting it out this week and hope­fully I will be able to stop do­ing it once and for all.

I know how bad it is for you and it’s not some­thing I want to do, but at the end of the day it’s an addiction.

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