I PULLED the other night at a mate’s 30th birth­day bash. She was about 25, blonde hair and wear­ing a slinky red dress.

We talked for a while and af­ter a few more drinks she said she was up for a night of shagging at hers. So far so good.

She lived with a friend who was still up but de­spite this she stripped off and gave me a blowjob. I thought that if she wasn’t both­ered about the au­di­ence then why should I be, so I came. I was soon hard again and, af­ter giv­ing her a clit tickle with my tongue, I bent her over a cof­fee ta­ble and be­gan bang­ing away at her.

As I did so, I saw her pal was sit­ting on a chair with her legs spread apart and f**king her­self with a dildo. Sud­denly, she got up be­hind me and put the dildo, slip­pery with her fanny juice, up my bum­hole! I’d never tried it be­fore, but as I was on the vine­gar strokes I de­cided not to stop.

I got a taxi home in the early hours and told my flat­mate all about it but he says I’m on the turn. I’m not, am I?

AP, Manch­ester HE just sounds a bit jeal­ous, quite frankly! I HAVE been with my girl­friend for four years now and we have a de­cent sex life, do­ing it most days.

Lately she wants me to spend more time in fore­play so she re­ally gets hot for me be­fore I pen­e­trate her.

Since we have been con­cen­trat­ing on fore­play, I have be­come ob­sessed with want­ing my girl to squirt like in the porno movies where fluid shoots out of the vagina at the mo­ment of or­gasm like a type of ‘gush­ing’.

When she is lay­ing back with her legs spread and watch­ing me work­ing on her giv­ing her my fingers and tongue, she gets re­ally turned-on to the point of no re­turn.

I then start to give her some in­tense thrust­ing as she’s al­ways soaked at this point. The thing is when she’s com­ing hard, she tells me and cov­ers my fingers with wet but I never ac­tu­ally see a squirt­ing of fluid like when a man comes.

How do I know if this gush­ing is fe­male ejac­u­la­tion? DB, Leicester AC­TU­ALLY, fe­male ejac­u­la­tion isn’t all that com­mon. Don’t be in­flu­enced by porn, en­joy what you’ve got.

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