I’m pre­fer­ring porn to sex with my girl­friend


I THINK I have a porn addiction that’s af­fect­ing my re­la­tion­ship.

It all started when things started to cool off a bit in the bed­room with my girl­friend. I started switch­ing on the lap­top when she fell asleep at night for a quick wank and that was it – I was still shagging her twice a week.

I reckon it started to be­come a prob­lem when I be­gan to think about the sexy girls in the movies more than my girl­friend. I was wak­ing up at night and wank­ing my­self hard next to my part­ner.

This pro­gressed to me go­ing down­stairs and spend­ing a good three hours trawl­ing through many hard­core porn sites.

The best ones had five studs with huge cocks all giv­ing it to one sexy bird, tak­ing it turns to slide their lengths down her be­fore giv­ing it to her up the butt, then com­ing all over her face.

The type of sex in porn movies is the type I like and ful­fils me com­pletely while sex now with my girl­friend just seems lame in com­par­i­son.

This now has in turn had the ad­verse ef­fect of a us end­ing up with a non-ex­is­tent sex life. What’s the way for­ward?

PR, South­port

Kelly says…

IT’S time to dis­cuss your habit with your girl­friend – she may see you’ve both reached a turn­ing point and help you both find each other again.

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