I need the real thing


I’M a 35-year-old woman and I have just sold my IT busi­ness. But although I en­joyed build­ing the firm and trav­el­ling, I missed out on men.

I had the odd fling, but now when I’m loaded the one thing I don’t have is a fella. I’ve got by lately with a se­lec­tion of dil­dos, but there’s noth­ing like the real thing.

Then it struck me that I had a man on hand – my handy­man, a fit six-footer with rip­pling mus­cles.

The next time he called I greeted him scant­illy dressed. I bla­tantly told him that just look­ing at him made me horny.

He got the mes­sage and I led him to my bed­room. His hands wan­dered over my body, ca­ress­ing ev­ery inch and prob­ing my pussy.

For the next two hours it was pure lust as we rolled about, f***ing un­til we both or­gasmed.

The next time he came to visit I gave him a lit­tle present – a watch – and he more than re­paid me be­tween the sheets.

But now I won­der if I should try to find a man to set­tle down with.

YT, North Lon­don

Kelly says…

YOUR handy­man seems a real catch, why not stick with him?

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