Should I let mar­ried lover tie me down?


But she kept on teas­ing me with her tongue and lips be­fore squat­ting over me and guid­ing my pecker into her love-tun­nel un­til I was buried deep in­side her.

She sat there a while tick­ling my sack with her fingers and us­ing her vagi­nal mus­cles to squeeze my knob.

Then she be­gan to gen­tly rise up and down, grad­u­ally build­ing up the speed, and it was bloody fan­tas­tic.

I shot my load, and af­ter a while, I told her to un­cuff me – but she re­fused. In fact, she kept me tied up for FOUR HOURS.

You prob­a­bly think I’m a bit of a wimp but it was scary and I haven’t seen her since, though she rings me up con­stantly.

What should I do?

Kelly says…

RS, Bournemouth TRY turn­ing the ta­bles on her and see­ing how she likes it. That said, she did un­tie you. Per­haps that’s what turns her on, so you both got a thrill, no?

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