EWE MUST BE JOK­ING! OAP killed by an­gry sheep

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spur of the mo­ment thing with ran­dom blokes.

“I would ar­range every­thing be­fore­hand – I would be 100 per cent in con­trol.

“Ideally I’d be tied up and blind­folded, then th­ese guys wouold sud­denly ap­pear and start putting their hands all over my body. “They’d be tear­ing off my clothes and knick­ers.

“I have no idea how many men there are be­cause I can’t see any­thing.

“Even­tu­ally they all have their wicked way with me!

“There’s some­thing so sexy about just let­ting go while th­ese guys are plea­sur­ing me.” VI­O­LENCE OF THE LAMBS: A miffed sheep A PEN­SIONER has been killed by an an­gry sheep who head-butted him to death,

The man was en­joy­ing a walk in the coun­try when he was at­tacked by the fu­ri­ous sheep, who thought he was in­vad­ing his ter­ri­tory.

It ran at the man and head-butted him to the ground, knock­ing him un­con­scious.

Then while he was out cold the sheep stamped on the 94-year-old’s head with his hooves.

The man’s body was found by the side of an iso­lated foot­path near the vil­lage of Ces­tas, south of Bordeaux.

Po­lice be­lieve the OAP was killed by the sheep hav­ing gone out for a quiet walk.

A lo­cal res­i­dent said: “The sheep was a well known trou­ble­maker, he was al­ways charg­ing at peo­ple.

“Com­plaints had been made be­fore about the an­i­mal, but he was still roam­ing free. Now this has hap­pened, as we thought it might.”

A po­lice spokesman con­firmed that the sheep was later “rounded up” and has since been put down.

The man’s body was dis­cov­ered on Mon­day af­ter­noon.

Sheep are thought of as pas­sive crea­tures, but can ac­tu­ally be ex­tremely ag­gres­sive.

This can be for a num­ber of rea­sons, rang­ing from ill­ness or old age, to fear that they are be­ing at­tacked or their ter­ri­tory in­vaded.

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