Midweek Sport - - CLASSIFIED -

I’M a mas­sive fan of the Mid­week Sport – I buy the pa­per ev­ery week and re­ally love the pho­tos of pretty glam­our girls in it.

I reg­u­larly dash off to the bogs at work with the pa­per, to en­joy them in pri­vate.

I men­tally ca­ress their boobs and slide my hands up their soft thighs, and all th­ese erotic thoughts set me up for a hard day at work.

There are just so many amaz­ing girls in your pa­per, I couldn’t pos­si­bly pick just one out as my favourite.

But my gaffer at work told me last week that I spend too much time in the shit­house. I think he might be on to me. What should I do? IF it’s a sack­ing of­fence you’d bet­ter take the pa­per home and do your ca­ress­ing there. I CAUGHT my wife shag­ging my best mate in our house re­cently.

They didn’t see me at first so I was very quiet and spied on their sex play for a while.

I watched as he took her knick­ers off and tongued and fin­gered her wet fanny.

She was lov­ing it and was begging him to f**k her, so he did her from be­hind on the couch. He was pound­ing away and her tits were swinging all over the place. Then she took it up the arse, some­thing she has never let me do! But I found it a real turn-on watch­ing her shag­ging another bloke. I’m now think­ing of ask­ing her if I can watch her when she has sex with other men, and not just the neigh­bour.

I’d par­tic­u­larly like to see her be­ing spit-roasted by two blokes at the same time. Do you think I should ask her to ar­range it?

DF, Leeds SHE might like to be watched hav­ing sex and give you sloppy sec­onds af­ter­wards! THERE’S a nympho called Nicky who lives in our area, who’s mad for dog­ging and sex with strangers.

She’s sex mad and most evenings can be found in a lo­cal car park with a few cocks up her chuff.

I’ve seen her in ac­tion my­self and while I’ve belted a cou­ple off the wrist watch­ing her turn a few tricks, I’ve never shagged her.

But the other night, af­ter a few pints in the lo­cal, I was in a right randy mood and I knew there were a few spots on the edge of town where she liked to get her in-car en­ter­tain­ment.

So I had a walk around and soon enough I spot­ted her old white Ford Es­cort parked up be­hind the vil­lage hall and peered in.

And to my de­light she was be­ing done up the bum by a young lad.

I looked on with glee as he pumped her brown hole with im­pres­sive stamina and she was moan­ing her head off and clearly en­joy­ing the ex­pe­ri­ence.

When he’d fin­ished I climbed in the back seat and went straight to work.

To be hon­est, I didn’t even touch the sides, but when I pulled out she gave me a bril­liant blowjob.

Then I no­ticed sev­eral fel­las gri­mac­ing in the back win­dow with their cocks out. That im­age is haunt­ing me now. Help!

RL, Glas­gow

Dani says…

YOU’VE had your fun now – stop moan­ing. DA, Don­caster

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