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MY new girl­friend’s got a lit­tle Pug dog and it’s very pro­tec­tive to­wards her.

The other night she stripped off to re­veal her mag­nif­i­cent boobs with huge pink nip­ples stand­ing proud, pulled her shaven fanny lips apart and rubbed her­self sop­ping wet.

Then she took my hard cock in her mouth as I played with her mel­ons, be­fore we switched po­si­tions and I stuffed it up her tight bum­hole – mak­ing her buck and squeal – be­fore slip­ping it into her wet slot.

I was in the mid­dle of a nice, fast rhythm when I felt an un­be­liev­able pain in my arse – her bas­tard dog had sunk its teeth into my back­side!

I’d like to tell her it’s me or him but I think she’d choose the sod­ding mutt.

What should I do? TD, Gwent GIVE the dog a bone to chew on, while she deals with YOUR boner! I CAME home from work early last month and caught my best mate shag­ging my wife and her sis­ter.

I couldn’t be­lieve my eyes as he licked both of them out and then got them to lick his balls and suck his cock.

They seemed to be lov­ing it as he launched his knob into them from all an­gles.

At one point he was bon­ing my wife from be­hind while fin­ger­ing her sis­ter in the fanny and ar­se­hole.

When he’d fin­ished with my wife he then took her sis­ter up the shit­ter.

I was so an­noyed I de­cided to get my re­venge, so I shagged his wife the fol­low­ing week.

But she later con­fessed to my mate and now he’s sug­gest­ing we all do a wife-swap.

Any ad­vice? JT, Lancs REFUSE to co-op­er­ate and then go and shag your wife’s sis­ter. That should set­tle the score up nicely.

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