Her men are Kylie un­pleas­ant!

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When is Kylie Minogue go­ing to learn that what comes around, goes around?

When she met Joshua Sasse he was mar­ried and still wear­ing his wed­ding ring, but she went ahead and dated him any­way.

So she can’t sud­denly be sur­prised now that he’s al­legedly been get­ting close to an­other woman.

He has form at the end of the day, and leop­ards don’t change their spots I’m afraid.

I do feel re­ally sorry for her though, as she just can’t seem to get out of the cy­cle of pick­ing guys who are to­tally wrong for her.

Kylie has had a string of bad break-ups and that stress re­ally isn’t good for you, es­pe­cially when you’ve bat­tled some­thing as aw­ful as can­cer, like she has.

Maybe she should give Reiki a go – it could help her get rid of all that bad en­ergy which keeps draw­ing her to these bad boys.

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