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5. WHO got ticked off in TV show for say­ing “piss” be­fore the water­shed? a) Josie Gib­son b) Sir Bradley Wig­gins c) Jade Jones d) Louis Smith 6. IN Swin­don po­lice are con­cerned be­cause 30 what are pop­ping up each week? a) Drug dens b) Hip­ster cafes c) Nud­ist pubs d) Broth­els 7. HUN­DREDS of thou­sands of civil ser­vants could in the next 15 years be re­placed by what, say boffins? a) Il­le­gal im­mi­grants b) Ro­bots and com­put­ers c) Chim­panzees d) Noth­ing 8. CONFECTIONERY man­u­fac­tur­ers plan to re­duce the sugar con­tent of their choccy treats by which method? a) Mak­ing them smaller b) Adding less sugar c) Us­ing sweet­en­ers d) Adding more choco­late 9. TORY MP Oliver Colvile has called for a crack­down on what af­ter his pal’s fish and chips were stolen. a) Rob­bers b) Foxes c) Gyp­sies d) Seag­ulls 10. WHICH player scored two goals for Manchester City at the week­end? a) Moses b) Je­sus c) Bud­dha d) Mo­ham­mad

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