SEX FO­RUM Bonk­ing beats a box of chocs for women!

Midweek Sport - - SEX FORUM -

GOOD news lads, women have fi­nally ad­mit­ted they pre­fer SEX to choco­late.

More than 80 per cent of horny babes said they would miss shag­ging way more than a bar of Dairy Milk if they were forced to go with­out it.

Only 12 per cent of ladies asked in a poll said they would swap a steamy romp in favour of choc­cies.

So if you’re stuck for a ro­man­tic gift for your other half why not sur­prise her in the bed­room be­fore rac­ing out to buy a box of Milk Tray.

The ex­clu­sive sur­vey was car­ried out by sex toy re­tailer Love­honey for the launch of its De­sire Sex & Choco­late Gift Box, and asked 600 peo­ple about how their sweet tooth com­pares to their sex drive.

The find­ings also showed that if women are down in the dumps, 71 per cent would turn to their part­ner to cheer them up be­tween the sheets, com­pared to just 19 per cent who’s rely on a bar of choco­late.

Love­honey prod­uct di­rec­tor Bonny Hall said: “Now we know the truth: most women don’t pre­fer choco­late to sex.

“But lots en­joy it al­most as much, and two-thirds of cou­ples love to com­bine sex and choco­late.

“That’s why we have cre­ated the De­sire Sex & Choco­late Gift Box – it is a fun way of en­joy­ing sex and choc­cies at the same time, the per­fect aphro­disiac for cou­ples”

The sur­vey also sug­gested that those with a sweet tooth ac­tu­ally have HIGHER li­bidos than peo­ple who shun sug­ary treats.

More than a quar­ter of those asked said they had a higher sex drive af­ter eat­ing some­thing sweet.

And 43 per cent said that they found choco­late a strong aphro­disiac.

We asked Sport scorcher Vic­to­ria Zdrok, who lives in Lewisham, whether she could live with­out sex or choco­late – and which she would rather wave good­bye to.

The 29-year-old said: “Oh wow, sex or choco­late?! Well, I guess it de­pends what mood I’m in for which one cheers me up the most.

“But if you told me I had to give one up for­ever then it’d have to be the choco­late!

“I could re­place it with other sweet good­ies, but there’s no way I could rule out sex!”

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