I LOVE hav­ing my knob sucked, but re­cently the wife has made it clear she hates it.

I wouldn’t mind so much if she had al­ways been like this but in the early days of our mar­riage – and while we were dat­ing – she was more than keen to suck on my sausage!

I pay par­tic­u­lar care to my per­sonal hy­giene and al­ways make sure I’m nice and clean around the bell.

But she says that it’s noth­ing to do with the way I taste or smell, she just wasn’t into it.

So fi­nally, I hit on a novel but per­fect so­lu­tion. The mis­sus likes noth­ing bet­ter than a dol­lop of honey on her toast in the morn­ing – for health rea­sons – so I sug­gested that she smear it on my tool as well, then suck it off.

She’s now quite happy to give me a blowie, but it’s mak­ing a hell of a sticky mess of the sheets. Any ideas? GET out of bed, you lazy sod! THERE’S a tasty bird in my lo­cal pub who every­one fan­cies. She’s a 21-year-old brunette with huge tits and she loves to tease all the lads by wear­ing short skirts.

The other week she showed me some nude pho­tos of her­self on her mo­bile and I played on her van­ity by say­ing she looked just like a film star.

When I jok­ingly sug­gested we make a home-made porn film to­gether, she was well up for it.

So back at hers a few nights later she set up a DVD cam­era and started flick­ing her bean while she sucked me off.

It was bril­liant watch­ing my cock go in and out of her gob and I soon ex­ploded all over her face.

Af­ter a breather we were at it again and I gave her a good see­ing-to from be­hind be­fore shoot­ing my load on her arse cheeks. Should I worry that some­one else might see the sex tape though?

PG, East Sussex ASK her for the orig­i­nal, make sure she doesn’t have any copies and in­vite her round to yours to watch it. I’M a well-hung 18-year-old lad and I fancy my best friend’s mum, who is a young-look­ing 39.

One night I stayed in her spare room af­ter a boozy night out with my mate and was tucked up in bed feel­ing pretty horny.

I got a shock when the door opened and she came in to say good­night.

She was in a see-through nightie which showed off her fan­tas­tic tits.

Need­less to say, I was soon mak­ing a tent out of the du­vet.

Notic­ing my stiffy, she slipped her hand un­der the quilt and slowly started to wank me.

Qui­etly, she then took off her nightie and guided my rock-hard dick in­side her wet love-tun­nel.

As I was about to cli­max she slipped off me and started to slowly suck my knob un­til SE, Le­ics I shot my load down her throat.

Then she whis­pered she’d like to see me again be­fore leav­ing the room.

Since then I’ve shagged her vir­tu­ally ev­ery day and last week I went to see her with an­other mate of mine.

We spit-roasted her on the couch and my mate wasn’t too happy when he sud­denly walked in to find his mum tak­ing two cocks at the same time.

He went men­tal and his mum has called off our sex ses­sions.

What should do?

KT, Rich­mond

Bexi says…

YOU’LL have to find your­self an­other horny older woman. I

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