I did it again and again with hubby’s best pal


Dear Bexi, ME and my hubby have been mar­ried for 12 years but we seem to have hit a bit of a stale patch.

He is happy go­ing to the pub with his mates while I like to go out to clubs with the girls – we hardly ever do any­thing spe­cial to­gether.

One Satur­day, he’d gone to the pub and I met up with my pals. We went to a wine bar and by the time we got to a night­club I was a bit tipsy and feel­ing a bit horny.

With the hus­band away, I fan­cied some play and I was giv­ing the eye to a few fel­las.

I was stand­ing at the bar when there was a tap on my shoul­der. Here we go, I thought, but I turned around to see my hubby hov­er­ing over me.

He was with his mate and the pair of them looked rat-ar­sed. My fella was knock­ing back the whisky and I could tell he would pretty soon col­lapse.

Sure enough, he did – onto a ta­ble of drinks that flew ev­ery­where. Smooth.

The bounc­ers car­ried him to the door as his pal stag­gered be­hind.

That was that, I thought, but then I saw his mate walk­ing back. He’d put my hubby into a taxi and told the driver to see him home.

He sat for a while and seemed to sober up. Then we danced when the DJ played some slow num­bers.

He be­gan to feel my bum and I didn’t ob­ject. In fact, I grabbed him through his trousers.

I soon felt his fast-grow­ing tool harden in my hands as I jerked his cock up and down to the mu­sic.

We con­tin­ued to dance as I felt his hand creep up my leg and push my knick­ers to one side.

He slowly in­serted a cou­ple of his fin­gers deep in­side my al­ready moist pussy, be­fore fever­ishly teas­ing my clit with his thumb. I was gag­ging for it by now, so we slipped off and hailed a cab.

We kissed pas­sion­ately in the the cab and he fon­dled my boobs as I kept him hard by slowly drag­ging my fin­ger­nails over the tent­pole in his jeans.

As soon as we got to his flat, I tore off his trousers and tongued at his twitch­ing cock.

Soon I was on top of him, our flesh slap­ping as we re­ally went for it.

It was fan­tas­tic sex and an eye-pop­ping or­gasm – he made my hubby look like a vir­gin be­tween the sheets.

We went at it again and again that night and I’ve seen my hubby’s pal reg­u­larly ever since.

Am I a slag?

Bexi says…

IF your fella wants to act like a fool, then you should carry on treat­ing him like one. Jerked

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