I’M 21 and I’ve been strug­gling to find a de­cent job, but I’ve just started work­ing in a butty bar and it’s great.

The man­ager­ess is a tasty piece too. One day we were in the back of­fice when I asked her what her favourite sarnie was. With a glint in her eye she said “my hubby and a fit young stud”.

I’d met him once and he’s the spit of Manch­ester United man­ager Jose Mourhino.

She said I was wel­come to join her and her fella if I fan­cied it – and that’s how I found my­self be­ing blown to heaven by her as her man shafted her from be­hind.

It’s be­come a reg­u­lar pas­time now and I’ve even started bon­ing her while her hubby watches and wanks.

But the trou­ble is he’s started to show an in­ter­est in giv­ing me one too – which I don’t fancy at all. Should I end our shag­ging ses­sions once and for all?

BD, South Yorks IF he tries to touch your sack or waves his willy at you, tell him ‘No way, Jose!’ MY wife set up a three­some with a wo­man she works with. She’s a right cracker – a blonde with big tits – and I loved shag­ging her.

They both took it in turns to suck my cock and then I boned my wife’s mate from be­hind while the mis­sus lay back and frigged her­self off with a dildo.

Af­ter my wife had licked my John­son as it went in and out of her friend’s drip­ping gash, I licked them both out be­fore they had hard­core lesbo sex to­gether.

My cock was soon like con­crete again and I boned them both up the arse – I took turns in plung­ing my dick into their tight bum­holes al­ter­nately.

Prob­lem is, I’ve started see­ing this other wo­man be­hind my wife’s back and she’s asked me to leave my wife and move in with her.

What should I do? AP, Manch­ester WHY not just stick to the three­somes?

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