Romps pay for rent but land­lord wants more!


Dear Ava,

I HAVE been go­ing through hell with my hus­band since he got sacked for skiv­ing off work. He’s done ab­so­lutely noth­ing about get­ting a new job and does sod all to help around the house ei­ther. Re­cently I found out he’s been spend­ing the rent money down the pub and we’re six months in ar­rears. The land­lord phoned to say he was com­ing round to dis­cuss it with us but my hubby went out and left me to han­dle it. The land­lord has ogled me in the past and says I’m “sex on legs”, which turns me on as I’ve al­ways fan­cied older men. He is 63 and well-built for his age. He rides a mo­tor­bike and I’ve dreamed of rid­ing pil­lion with him and let­ting him be my sugar daddy. So, in ex­pec­ta­tion of his visit, I put on my sex­i­est, skimp­i­est out­fit, which in­cluded black leather boots. He asked how we’d got in to so much rent ar­rears and I told him how use­less my hus­band was. He put his arm around me and said he was sure we could sort some­thing out.

I was hop­ing he would do some­thing saucy as I was in the mood for a proper see­ing-to – and he didn’t dis­ap­point. But he did suprise me with his kink­i­ness.

He got down on his hands and knees and started to lick my boots. I was so turned on that I pushed the heel of my boot gen­tly in his face and he started to groan with plea­sure.


He then worked his tongue up my boot to my thigh and eased my panties aside to taste my ooz­ing fanny juices.

I had a hunch he would be well hung and I gave a lit­tle gasp when I pulled out his mas­sive cock.

He wanted me there and then so I bent over the sofa and he eased his huge tool up my hole and f**ked me ragged.

It’s fair to say I have never had or­gasms like I did that day. My juices were run­ning down my legs and I even man­aged a squirt – some­thing I’d never done be­fore.

He fin­ished off my spunk­ing his sticky mess all over my face and tits.

Now we’re at it ev­ery week and my rent wor­ries are over.

The only trou­ble is he says he wants me to move in with him and leave my hubby. What should I do? KH, Cam­den

Ava says…

WHY not go for it? He sounds like a bet­ter bet than your waster of a hubby.

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