Sta­ble girl trick­ster took me for a ride


Dear Ava,

I’M liv­ing with a wo­man I met when I used to take my daugh­ter horse-rid­ing.

She was a sta­ble girl and I ended up leav­ing my mis­sus for her.

The first time I saw her I al­most shot my bolt in my pants.

She’s not a con­ven­tional stunna but she does have a crack­ing curvy fig­ure.

We got chat­ting while my girl was hav­ing her les­son. Then, amaz­ingly, one hot sum­mer evening we ended up naked in one of the sta­bles, where I did her doggy-style over a bale of hay.

And although I say so my­self, she couldn’t get enough of me af­ter that.

She was like a dog on heat and ev­ery spare mo­ment we’d go to her flat and have wild shags.

One night we had a six-hour ses­sion – fu­elled by strong cider – and I had her in loads of dif­fer­ent po­si­tions.

It was just in­cred­i­ble. Dur­ing this fes­ti­val of f**king, she tied my hands and feet to the bed and per­formed the most amaz­ing blowjob on me.

Then she un­tied me and bent over the bed so I could mount her from be­hind.

Half­way through, she handed me her rid­ing crop and in­structed me to whip her arse.

In fact, we were so good to­gether that I dumped my fam­ily and moved in with her.

But it’s all turned to shit and now she treats me badly.

She is al­ways moan­ing that we don’t have sex like we used to and I have to do all the cook­ing and clean­ing.

I also have to give her all my wages.

Why has she changed like this? FR, Northants

Ava says…

I RECKON it serves you right. She ob­vi­ously set out to trap you and you fell for it. So tough luck.

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