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(2007) DAVID Ten­nant as the Time Lord in an episode uni­ver­sally-ac­claimed as the best to date. Sally Spar­row (Carey Mul­li­gan) re­ceives a cryptic mes­sage from the Doc­tor about a mys­te­ri­ous new en­emy species that is af­ter the TARDIS. (9.8)

(2008) TEN­NANT again. The Doc­tor takes on the Vashta Ner­ada mi­cro­scopic army while fig­ur­ing out what links River Song (Alex Kingston) to his fu­ture. (9.5)

(2013) THREE Doc­tors for the price of one – David Ten­nant, Matt Smith and John Hurt, the War Doc­tor – all com­ing to­gether for the 50th an­niver­sary episode of the show. (9.4) (2006) THE Doc­tor, Mickey and Rose land on a space­ship in the 51st cen­tury only to find 18th cen­tury Ver­sailles on board! To find out what’s go­ing on the Doc­tor must en­ter Ver­sailles and save Madame De Pom­padour. (9.3) (2006) BIL­LIE Piper is the as­sis­tant to David Ten­nant’s Doc­tor this time, as Earth be­comes the bat­tle­field for the great­est war of all time. The Daleks and Cy­ber­men clash, with the whole uni­verse at stake. (9.3) (2008) THE Doc­tor (Ten­nant) and Donna (Cather­ine Tate) join a group of ar­chae­ol­o­gists at a 51st cen­tury li­brary. What caused the place to be­come aban­doned? It’s those pesky Vashta Ner­ada! (9.3) (2010) MATT Smith as The Doc­tor and Karen Gil­lan as Amy travel back in time to meet Vincent Van Gogh and face an in­vis­i­ble mon­ster that only the painter can see. (9.3) (1969) PA­TRICK Troughton’s fi­nal se­ries as the sec­ond TV doc­tor. On an alien planet brain­washed sol­diers ab­ducted from Earth are forced to fight in sim­u­lated en­vi­ron­ments, re­flect­ing the pe­ri­ods in his­tory whence they were taken. The aim is to pro­duce a su­per army from the sur­vivors. (9.3)

(1976) TOM Baker this time. Sci­en­tists in the Antarc­tic un­cover two mys­te­ri­ous seed pods, which the Doc­tor dis­cov­ers are ex­tra-ter­res­trial and which har­bour in­tel­li­gent life with plans of their own. (9.3)

(2013) MATT Smith tack­les a new foe – the Whis­per Men. The Doc’s friends are be­ing kid­napped, which leads him to the fields of Tren­za­lore, where his great­est se­cret will be re­vealed and his side­kick Clara’s mys­tery will be solved. (9.2)

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