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Dear Bexi, I’M a hot young stud who is of­ten com­pared to a lion – as I have long blond hair, a broad face, a beard and a mus­cu­lar physique.

Plus I’m al­ways on the prowl look­ing for tasty morsels to feed on, sex­u­ally speak­ing.

My spe­cial­ity – and the thing I en­joy most – is the back­street knee trem­bler with a bird. There’s noth­ing like get­ting a woman down an al­ley and bang­ing her.

I could pull much bet­ter-look­ing birds but I pre­fer to go for the filthy, fat ones.

I don’t re­ally know what the at­trac­tion is – or how it started for me – but big­ger birds al­ways seem to go the ex­tra mile.

And they are al­ways pretty grate­ful for a length.

Last week­end I went to our lo­cal club and spot­ted a cou­ple of 14-ston­ers danc­ing round their hand­bags.

They’d both squeezed into tight pants and some sort of short tops.

As they wob­bled about on their stilet­tos, I watched their bel­lies wob­bling away.

I went over and got chat­ting to them and I started to buy them drinks and by the end of the night they’d both gone through a buck­et­load of vodka.

When I sug­gested to the fat­test one we go out­side for a breath of fresh air, she smiled and said,

“Me and my mate do ev­ery­thing to­gether”. So I got them both down the al­ley by the side of the club and stuck them up against the bins.

I told them to face the bins and then I pulled down their leg­gings – nei­ther of them had knick­ers on.

I pulled out my nine-inch weapon and fit­ted it up the fat­test one and used my fin­gers to juice up there other one’s pussy.


I pumped her pretty hard and fast and quickly shot off.

I con­tin­ued to w*nk off the other while the just-shagged one started to nosh on my limp dick.

When it was hard enough again, she said to stick it in her mate.

I gave her a real quick poke – to be hon­est even with my mas­sive cock I couldn’t feel the sides – and then pulled out and let her have the lot in the face.

The girls then started neck­ing each other, lick­ing and slurp­ing at my steam­ing ball-brew.

I thought I’d trot off home but one said, “Here where do you think you’re go­ing, you’re com­ing home with us”.

They sort of bun­dled me in a taxi and later used me as a sex­ual play­thing all night back at their place.

I’ll spare you the grue­some de­tails, but the whole thing has put me off sex.

What can I do?

Bexi says…

YOU need to get back out in the jun­gle my son and bag your­self some fresh meat, I reckon!

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