Why does my hubby snub me for solo sex ses­sions?

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Dear Kelly,

MY hubby of 20 years has been be­hav­ing rather strangely lately and I just don’t know what to do.

We used to have reg­u­lar sex and he was al­ways a very gen­er­ous lover, spend­ing up to 20 min­utes at a time go­ing down on me un­til I had an orgasm.

I would then re­turn the favour by tak­ing his throb­bing bel­lend in my gob for a bit and give him a messy blowjob.

But now he’s weird. He re­fuses to un­dress at bedtime un­less the light is out and he’s gone cold about hav­ing sex with me.

He also locks him­self in the bath­room, so I won­der if he’s w*nk­ing in­stead of shag­ging me all the time. Any ideas?

JS, North Yorks

Kelly says…

IT’s a midlife loss of con­fi­dence. Re­as­sure him and he’ll be OK.

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