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As Ge­orge Dent dis­cov­ered, only a mod­icum of pa­tience and skill is re­quired to build this steam tram lo­co­mo­tive kit, and you don’t need a vast ar­ray of tools and ma­te­ri­als ei­ther.

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as ge­orge dent dis­cov­ers, only a mod­icum of pa­tience and skill is re­quired to build this kit.

Whether it’s be­cause of the char­ac­ter Toby in the Thomas the Tank En­gine sto­ries, or the ro­mance of the Wis­bech & Up­well Tramway, the hum­ble steam tram lo­co­mo­tive re­tains a fas­ci­na­tion for many rail­way en­thu­si­asts. This im­pres­sive kit, from N-drive Pro­duc­tions, of­fers ‘N’ gauge mod­ellers the chance to cre­ate a char­ac­ter­ful lit­tle lo­co­mo­tive with the min­i­mum of fuss. A fully as­sem­bled, ready-to-run chas­sis is pro­vided, with a small mo­tor driv­ing a pair of axles via a set of ny­lon gears. All the modeller needs to do is as­sem­ble the bodyshell from a small num­ber of metal com­po­nents. Only a ba­sic ar­ray of tools is re­quired, along with a tube of epoxy or cyano glue. Most of the as­sem­bly work was com­pleted within an af­ter­noon, with the parts re­quir­ing min­i­mal fet­tling. How­ever, care is needed to get the shell erected neatly and squarely Full, il­lus­trated in­struc­tions are pro­vided, but I de­vi­ated slightly from the pre­scribed as­sem­bly process. To en­sure all joints and cor­ners were tidy and gap-free, I ap­plied an ini­tial coat of white primer af­ter the main bodyshell had been as­sem­bled. Re­me­dial ac­tion could then fol­low, with­out the risk of dis­lodg­ing or dam­ag­ing the del­i­cate etched win­dow frames and cow-catch­ers, which were in­stalled later. I found that the teeth of the ny­lon worm drive were a lit­tle rough, so I care­fully trimmed away the few burrs with a sharp blade. Then, af­ter treat­ing the gears with model-grade grease and adding a drop of oil to the axles, the power unit proved to be re­li­able and rel­a­tively smooth-run­ning. De­spite my ini­tial trep­i­da­tion about work­ing on some­thing so small, I dis­cov­ered it proved to be a straight­for­ward and thor­oughly en­joy­able project. With the dif­fi­cult task of mo­tori­sa­tion taken care of, this kit of­fers a cheap and wholly at­tain­able route to cre­at­ing a W&u-in­spired lay­out in 2mm:1ft scale.

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