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Roads of­ten play a sec­ondary, scenic role on lay­outs, but given the fact that the Wis­bech & Up­well was a tramway, my road has a much more prom­i­nent part to play. Ini­tially, I painted the road with grey acrylic, but it cre­ated a nasty rough fin­ish when it dried. My usual road mak­ing tech­nique is to mix Wood­land Scen­ics As­phalt and White Earth paint, which dries to a lovely flat, matt and road-like fin­ish. While I was build­ing the lay­out, I took de­liv­ery of a pack of Noch road mark­ing tem­plates featuring dif­fer­ent mark­ings, and I used them here.

To hide the joins in the two pieces of mount­ing card, I filled the gap with Deluxe Ma­te­ri­als’ Perfect Plas­tic Putty and left it to dry be­fore prep­ping and paint­ing.

Noch’s road mark­ing kit con­tains a tem­plate, bend­able ruler and white mark­ing pen­cil. The ruler en­sures con­sis­tency of the road mark­ings.

I re­verted to my pre­ferred road-mak­ing method: mix some Wood­land Scen­ics As­phalt and white Earth Colours in a plas­tic dessert tub. Mix thor­oughly – you don’t want a streaky road.

I find that once the paint is dry, a light rub with some very fine Tamiya Fin­ish­ing Abra­sives re­moves any im­per­fec­tions and tones down the sur­face for a neat fin­ish.

I cov­ered the en­tire base­board with mount­ing card, after lay­ing the track to build up the level of the land around the track. Here is where the road will go.

I thought that Tamiya’s Fin­ish­ing Abra­sives would make light work of this, and they were ideal for re­mov­ing the grooves in the road – but it took a lot of rub­bing down!

I used grey acrylic from a hobby store to paint the road – but the brush marks dried like this. A road with pro­nounced grooves on it is not very re­al­is­tic.

To show the dif­fer­ence just a few road mark­ings make, com­pare the left of the pic­ture with the right.

Here are the fin­ished road and goods yard. I don’t use the As­phalt neat as it’s a bit too dark, which is why I mixed it with white.

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