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One of Staver­ton’s most dis­tinc­tive fea­tures is the level cross­ing. There are ac­tu­ally two sets of gates – one pro­tects the main line, the other the bay plat­form. I used Peco’s trusty LK‑50 kit, cut­ting the gates in half.


1 Mark where you want your road to go. Fix two lay­ers of mount­ing card to the road area, bring­ing the road level up to the tops of the rails. Paint with Wood­land Scen­ics Asphalt Paving.

2 Re­move the lamps and the red warn­ing discs with a sharp blade. Use a sand­ing stick to ‘thin’ some of the parts of the gates be­cause the plas­tic is a bit too chunky.

3 I cut each gate in half to cre­ate a length more akin to Staver­ton’s twin level cross­ing gates. I made new warn­ing discs from off-cuts of plas­tic sprue, painted with Hum­brol red paint.

4 The Peco level cross­ing kit comes with posts and fence pan­els. The short­ened gates will still clip onto the posts. Com­ple­ment the Peco fence with GWR spear fenc­ing (see p51).

5 Cut holes into the mount­ing card with a sharp blade to ac­cept the base of the gate posts. Se­cure with a lit­tle PVA.

6 Fill the ‘four foot’ with Os­born’s Mod­els’ hard foam cob­bles. Cut a suit­ably sized strip with a sharp blade and glue with PVA.

7 Af­ter the cross­ing was in po­si­tion, I lightly painted it with di­luted In­dia Ink to re­duce its bright white plas­tic ap­pear­ance.

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