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Tom Ingram Gor­don Shed­den Matt Neal Ash Sut­ton Josh Cook Rob Col­lard Aron Smith Mat Jack­son Adam Mor­gan Jack Goff

11 (14) Andrew Jor­dan (Mo­tor­base Per­for­mance Ford Fo­cus) +14.596s; 12 (17) Ai­den Mof­fat (Cice­ley Mo­tor­sport Mercedes-benz A-class) +18.504s; 13 (19) Jake Hill (Team Hard Toy­ota Aven­sis) +18.769s; 14 (13) Jeff Smith (Eurotech Rac­ing Honda Civic Type R) +22.825s; 15 (25) Daniel Welch (Welch Mo­tor­sport Pro­ton Per­sona) (S) +24.456s; 16 (4) Sam Tord­off (WSR BMW 125i M Sport) +24.640s; 17 (24) Matt Simp­son (Speed­works Mo­tor­sport Honda Civic Type R) +24.953s; 18 (18) Andy Neate (Team Dy­nam­ics Honda Civic Type R) +25.157s; 19 (16) Martin Dep­per (Eurotech Rac­ing Honda Civic Type R) +28.708s; 20 (26) Michael Epps (Team Hard Toy­ota Aven­sis) +29.142s; 21 (23) Ja­son Plato (Team BMR Subaru Levorg) +30.142s; 22 (30) Ste­wart Lines (Max­i­mum Mo­tor­sport Ford Fo­cus) (S) +44.497s; 23 (31) Mark Howard (Team BKR VW CC) (S) +49.253s; 24 (28) Chris Smi­ley (Team Hard Toy­ota Aven­sis) (S) -1 lap; 25 (29) James Cole (Team BMR Subaru Levorg) -2 laps; R (11) Colin Turk­ing­ton (Team BMR Subaru Levorg) 20 laps/ dam­age; R (32) Kelvin Fletcher (Power Maxed Rac­ing Chevro­let Cruze) 17 laps/dam­age; R (21) Hunter Ab­bott (Power Maxed Rac­ing Chevro­let Cruze) 14 laps/dam­age; R (20) Ol­lie Jack­son (AMD Tun­ Audi S3 saloon) 13 laps/dam­age; R (15) Rob Austin (Handy Mo­tor­sport Toy­ota Aven­sis) 3 laps/dam­age; R (22) Alex Martin (Team Parker Rac­ing Ford Fo­cus) 2 laps/dam­age; R (27) War­ren Scott (Team BMR Subaru Levorg) 0 laps/prop­shaft. Pole po­si­tion: Ingram 47.990s (90.61mph). Win­ner’s av­er­age speed: 82.41mph. Fastest lap: Goff 48.720s (89.25mph). Lap lead­ers: Ingram 1-27 (laps 4-6 safety car).


Shed­den Neal A Smith (S) Jor­dan (S) M Jack­son Sut­ton Goff (S) Mor­gan Tord­off (S) J Smith

WSR BMW 125i M Sport

If only Tord­off could sort out his starts in the BMW. He qual­i­fied in fourth place, but was quickly swal­lowed up and then there was con­tact with team-mate Rob Col­lard. His race three drive, where he shad­owed win­ner Adam Mor­gan to the flag, was ma­ture.

The new Subarus strug­gled

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