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Af­ter seven years of en­deav­our, Robert Sayell took his maiden out­right vic­tory in the open­ing For­mula Jedi race. He beat Michael Wat­ton to the first cor­ner and re­pelled sev­eral at­tacks from the pole­man, who ended up spin­ning at Mur­rays.

Dan Clowes in­her­ited sec­ond place with Paul Butcher next, while Zachary An­der­ton raced through the field for fourth.

Sayell’s late charge in the se­quel nar­rowly failed to dis­lodge Clowes, while third placed Bradley Hob­day was com­fort­able ahead of the squab­bling Kris­tian Prosser and Butcher.

Richard Styrin’s chase of Ed Hayes paid off with a late pass ex­it­ing Mur­rays se­cur­ing vic­tory in the Toyo Tires Porsches opener, which was short­ened due to Garry Lawrence and Garry Good­win be­ing side­lined at Hamil­ton cor­ner.

Hayes’ race-long pres­sure on Styrin then paid div­i­dends as the lat­ter ran low on fuel and sub­se­quently slowed, while Gerry Tay­lor held back a de­ter­mined James Cole­man to main­tain third.

Styrin led by Brun­dle from the re­versed grid third race as Richard Avery kept Cole­man at bay un­til the lat­ter spun at Co­ram on the fi­nal lap. That promoted Hayes to third. Pip Ham­mond com­pleted a 924 hat-trick.

Roger Mcma­hon had to squeeze by fast-start­ing Chris Oxbor­ough, who stopped on the last lap at Mon­treal with a jammed throt­tle, to win the first Alfa Romeo race. Lead­ing Twinspark Cup racer Tom Hill was there­fore el­e­vated to sec­ond place. In the re­turn match Oxbor­ough was able to hold off Mcma­hon with greater speed on the straights. In the TSC cat­e­gory Hill tri­umphed once more.

Two well-judged pass­ing moves from Alan Hen­der­son at Riches dis­patched Tom Roche and James Blake-bald­win on con­sec­u­tive laps to en­sure the per­fect start to his de­fence of the Mazda MX-5 Su­per­cup ti­tle. The lead quar­tet in race two lost Roche af­ter light con­tact with Hen­der­son at Nel­son de­flated a tyre, leav­ing Blake-bald­win to es­cape for the vic­tory with Jonathan Green­smith un­able to keep up with Hen­der­son over the fi­nal laps.

A dom­i­nant dis­play en­sured El­liot Wil­son was never headed in the open­ing Fi­esta Ju­nior race. All eyes were fo­cused on the progress of Sikan­dar Hus­sain who started last be­fore im­pres­sively carv­ing his way to fifth place. Wil­son eased to a dou­ble later in the day with James Waite and Car­l­ito Miracco squab­bling over sec­ond, which went to the lat­ter, while Roan Quinn stood out hav­ing made it to fourth from the back of the grid.

In the Mk1 Mazda MX-5S mul­ti­ple cham­pion Tom Roche proved un­catch­able as Oliver All­wood could only watch the lead­ing car dis­ap­pear. The fast­start­ing Si­mon Bald­win com­pleted the podium.

Roche re­peated the feat in race two while sec­ond place went to Bald­win by inches, hav­ing drafted passed All­wood on the run to the flag.

In the Group B race, Jack Warry held off the per­sis­tent Patrick Collins. Bryn Grif­fiths got the bet­ter of a race-long dis­pute for third with Kevin Brent.

Af­ter Sam Priest had tagged the back of Nick San­der­son on the open­ing lap of the se­nior Fi­es­tas, for which he was later pe­nalised, Aaron Thomp­son took ad­van­tage to lead the race. He was briefly un­seated by Priest mid-race, be­fore re­assert­ing him­self. Priest made no er­rors in race two, tak­ing a dom­i­nant vic­tory, while Kevin Stir­ling nearly pipped Thomp­son for sec­ond on the run to the line.

1 Robert Sayell 20m34.939s (95.20mph); 2 Dan Clowes +5.557s; 3 Paul Butcher; 4 Zachary An­der­ton; 5 Ja­son Dixon; 6 Kris­tian Prosser. FL Sayell 1m 50.614s (96.62mph). P Michael Wat­ton. S 12. 1 Clowes 20m31.131s (95.49mph); 2 Sayell +0.128s; 3 Bradley Hob­day; 4 Prosser; 5 Butcher; 6 Stu­art Ab­bott. FL Clowes 1m50.372s (96.83mph). P Clowes. S 11.

1 Richard Styrin (Boxster) 11m05.029s (80.35mph); 2 Ed Hayes (Boxster) +0.096s; 3 Gerry Tay­lor (Boxster); 4 Richard Avery (Boxster); 5 Nick Hull (Boxster); 6 An­gus Archer (Boxster). Class win­ner Pip Ham­mond (924). FL Hayes 2m11.143s (81.49mph). P Styrin. S 17. 1 Hayes 22m14.564s (80.08mph); 2 Styrin +7.379s; 3 Tay­lor; 4 James Cole­man (Boxster); 5 Avery; 6 Alex Stocker (Boxster). CW Ham­mond. FL Styrin 2m11.798s (81.09mph). P Styrin. S 16.

1 Styrin 20m14.204s (79.22mph); 2 Avery +4.108s; 3 Hayes; 4 Cole­man; 5 Tay­lor; 6 Garry Lawrence (Boxster). CW Ham­mond. FL Styrin 2m12.667s (80.56mph). P Lawrence. S 16.

1 Roger Mcma­hon (147 GTA) 21m07.577s (75.88mph); 2 Tom Hill (156) +42.215s; 3 Andy Han­cock (156); 4 Stephen Potts (156); 5 James Brown­ing (147); 6 Richard Stevens (145). CW Hill. FL Mcma­hon 2m16.757s (78.15mph). P Mcma­hon. S 18.

1 Christo­pher Oxbor­ough (75 V6) 21m14.938s (75.44mph); 2 Mcma­hon +1.363s; 3 Ray Foley (147 GTA); 4 Hill; 5 Han­cock; 6 Potts. CW Foley; Hill. FL Mcma­hon 2m18.811s (77.10mph). P Mcma­hon. S 18. Pre­ston. FL Roche 2m25.997s (73.20mph). P Blake-bald­win. S 26. 1 Blake-bald­win 20m37.969s (77.70mph); 2 Hen­der­son +4.087s; 3 Green­smith; 4 Mur­phy; 5 Will Chappell; 6 Jack Hard­ing. FL Blake-bald­win 2m16.280s (78.42mph). P Hen­der­son. S 26.

1 El­liot Wil­son 16m43.339s (74.56mph); 2 Car­l­ito Miracco +7.652s; 3 James Waite; 4 Harry Good­ing; 5 Sikan­dar Hus­sain; 6 Jack David­son. FL Wil­son 2m20.542s (76.04mph). P Wil­son. S 17.

1 Wil­son 21m27.644s (74.70mph); 2 Miracco +3.822s; 3 Waite; 4 Ro­nan Quinn; 5 Good­ing; 6 Lochlan Bear­man. FL Waite 2m21.586s (75.48mph). P Wil­son. S 17.

1 Tom Roche 21m20.406s (75.12mph); 2 Oliver All­wood +8.120s; 3 Si­mon Bald­win; 4 James Har­ris; 5 Michael Fisk; 6 Richard Bre­land. FL Roche 2m20.688s (75.97mph). P Roche. S 20. Race

1 Roche 21m26.420s (74.77mph); 2 Bald­win +13.973s; 3 All­wood; 4 Fisk; 5 Paul Tucker; 6 Clive Powles. FL Roche 2m21.449s (75.56mph). P Roche. S 20. 1 Jack Warry 17m09.086s (72.70mph); 2 Patrick Collins +0.343s; 3 Bryn Grif­fiths; 4 Kevin Brent; 5 Michael Close; 6 Russ Lind­say. FL Warry 2m25.249s (73.58mph). P Ivan Leary. S 20.

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